Friday, July 16, 2010

H&M Cool Summer

Oh, you know I can't resist the Hello Kitty bottles from H&M. I had to pick up the latest one of interest, of course. This one is still in stores here in Sweden. Well, if it didn't sell out everywhere during the day.

Look, she's even doing the sign for victory! The fact that it is often misinterpreted as meaning peace isn't going to be more than a paranthesis in this post. (And yes, I admit, I have socks from the same collection... Ehrm...)

First, look at what shows through the bottle glass...

H&M aren't too generous with the glitters these days, so suck it up while you can!

Cool Summer. Photos do not do this polish justice. I was in fear that it would turn out horrific, as glitter in shimmer bases aren't necessarily the best ones, but it all turned out to awesomeness. The shimmer is of the very fine sheen like type, and is really magenta- but you know how most cameras feel about magenta, right? Still, this magenta shimmer gives the polish that electric look. The glitter is larger pink flecks, and smaller blue and silver ones. All in a not too blue toned base.

This polish was, like it seems most H&M limited edition polishes are, made in Turkey. A while ago I posted about two sets of minis, one of them contained a shimmery purple. Well, I wouldn't be suprised if this is actually the very same base with a bunch of litter just thrown in as extra. Doesn't really matter, I like it anyway.

Emybloom is also wearing this one today. Go check her out!

Now I just wish the name of this polish was true. At least part of the day. But Sweden is still having the heatwave it seems most of the northern hemisphere does. Today is a tad cooler at just above 30°C, or 88°F, but it's been up almost to 100°F in some places, and even though Sweden is a lot hotter in the summer than many foreigners believe, it is now hotter than usual. Keep in mind that many Swedes are pale by nature and not really used to this climate with tropical (yes!) heat.

Swedish word of the day:
sval -adjective cool
Because I want to be.


  1. Prrrretty! I saw Emybloom's this morning and I'm really liking this polish. Hope to find this one in my local H&M soon!

  2. I guess cat owners just love everything that have cats in it! Me included :)

  3. That's soo pretty, would love to get my hands on that.

  4. hehe awesome! Ima link back to you as well!

    Did you get the pink as well? I wasn't really interested in it in the bottle, and was just super excited that this had glitter and was under 20Kr!

  5. Jen: It sure is! :)

    Michelle: Chanses are great that you will, you get the LEs in NL too, don't you? :)

    Sarah B.: Yes, it is some kind of sickness that o many of us cat people suffer from, LOL

    Nailish Ramblings: I hope you can work it out some way!

    Emybloom: Nah, I skipped the pink, I usually do. They are often very meh and I need special pinks to bother. :D

  6. Du tar så oerhört vackra bilder på nagellacken! Man vill genast ha allihop som du visar. Det här ser också oerhört vackert ut på dina naglar.

  7. So cute! I wish we had these in the US. My little sister LOVES Hello Kitty.

  8. I have to say something about this polish. Maybe: glitter+purple+kitty = crazy about it!
    I have never even held a bottle of H&M, hehe. My only chance is to find it at e-bay!

  9. Sminkan: Tack så jättemycket! Det berömet är mycket värt. ;) Hur stavar man beröm i bestämd form? Jag har jobbat för mycket senaste dagarna för att ha någon aning om någonting.

    Serena: I think it sucks that you don't!

    Fernanda Trapp: Or, try to swap for it! :)


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