Friday, July 16, 2010

Nailmail - the best there is!

Looksie what I had in the mail the other day!

Can you believe this person gave up a bottle of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms?! Can you believe she gave up one of her Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils?! Can you believe how well she knows me in terms of colors?!

I love you, Saša! :*

Swedish word of the day:
vän -noun friend
Because I have one!


  1. Nail mail is always fun :)
    Waiting for it, not fun thought...Specially when your country's Post service is not exaclty wonderful!

  2. wow!! those are great!! happy polishing to u!!

  3. Oj vad förvirrad jag blev av rubriken....

  4. oooh and that mood polish is so lovely too! Lucky girl!


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