Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Robotic Scarab

This was the first polish I threw myself over when I got Saša's package. There was actually one I wanted to try even more badly, but then this one kind of aplied itself before I had time to think twice about my actions. Check out Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Robotic Scarab.

Sure is purrty. But for me, such an unusual color. I thought it would work with my skintone (not that I usually care about this factor) now that I have gotten quite a tan- I tan easily and just have to show my nose outside the door before getting all yellowish-brownish sorta. Still, I felt weird wearing it. So you know what I did, right...?

I reused a previous favourite manicure killing method.

This is one coat of Nfu Oh 58, and one coat of ManGlaze Matteastrophe applied on top of my Robotic Scarab. It looks so... Gross. But cool. Or just gross? I had a very hard time deciding. Matteastrophe crackles up good on top of flakies, which gives the manicure a nice, rough texture with some kind of hard to grasp naturistic feel. You know, like stone, iron ore, or ... I don't know.

What do you girls think? Not for the conservative ladies, that's for sure...

Swedish word of the day:
koppar -noun copper
Because we actually do have some mining of said mineral here in Sweden.


  1. Oooh, I like it both ways - and I heard that the perfume oil Robotic Scarab is yummeh.

  2. When I first got into nail polish I didn't like these unusual colors, but now I think I'll wear just about anything lol. Great pictures, as usual :)

  3. They both look gorgeous! I don't have the polish,but I love Robotic Scarab perfume.I might have to buy this to match :)

  4. I think it looks gross in a good way. So definitely 'thumbs up' from me.

  5. It really reminds me of a Scarab. But it can also be an Copper ore :)
    It's pretty, I like it matte as well, just not sure about the cracks...

  6. Interesting color - looks like it'd be great for Fall. Love the flakie top layer :)

  7. Justja, har du Astors flake? Eller har jag drömt det? :)

  8. Nicole: Damn you, now I might have to get that one too!

    Jen: When I got into nail polish, I never thought I'd wear pink! Haha! And thank you! :)

    Pink Ginger: Damn you also! Now you and Nikki made me want that one too. xD

    nihrida: Yessss! xD

    Sarah B.: ManGlaze Matteastrophe do tend to crack quite a lot on top of flakies, actually!

    Ping: I think so too, maybe better than with tan summerish skin, like I initially thought. :)

    Lina: Nej. :( Hur ser den ut? Jag suger på alla sätt och vis. :)

  9. Ali: Snart i en brevlåda nära dig. :)


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