Sunday, June 6, 2010

Glitters III

And now: the stash post everyone has been waiting for to show up on alizarine claws... Pink glitters. I'm sorry to disappoint you- they're not that many. Please click photo to enlarge.

Nfu Oh 48 (decant gifted by Roze), Depend 156, OPI Are You A Movie Star?, BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl.

Swedish word of the moment:
socker -noun sugar
Because these are way too sweet for me. Really.


  1. Hermosa is sadly not very pink on me. ;o(

  2. Åh, hur swappade du till dig Are you a movie star? Vill se swatchar för den har stått på min lista i evigheter ju! /Cammi

  3. Hermosa är sååå fin!

  4. jaljen: Honestly I haven't worn mine yet! Intriguing... Now I want to find out what it looks like on me!

    Cammi: Ohh, det var det jag berättade om förut när jag byggde Helmers hos dig tror jag, om en tjej i Hong Kong som CP:ade asiatiska krejjer åt mig mot Star Magnets. Kick ass! :D Ska swatcha vad det lider, looovar! :)

    Anne: Det hoppas jag! :D

  5. i am not that into pink, so pink+glitter i agree with you

  6. for glitter...i love these all

  7. Oh, wow. I love them all! Especially the OPI and the BB.

  8. Jag som gått förbi Star Magnets så många ggr, fan! /Cam


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