Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Streaky clouds

I know, I know... I'm late on this one, but you gotta give a Swedish girl a break! We don't have Sally Hansen here, at least not any more than very limited and sparse, so I had to swap for this one. Which took ages. No one seemed to wanna give theirs up at first! But here it is, after long and hard wishing, and later a stretched dust-collecting existence in my Helmers. Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud. Meneh pretteh pekshers.

I can totally see why this one got so much hype, but for all that hype I had expected butterlike solid gold, kinda. It was hard to apply due to sheerness and brushstrokieness (you already know us Swedes like to combine words unto the absurd), and took long to dry. When it finally did, I had some shrinkage at the tips. So, when finally in place, this color did not last me as long as I would have wanted, after all that effort. I wore it for a day, but the shrinkage made it look dull, plus, the most insane thing ever, happened to me while manicuring with this one...

As I was topcoating one of my largest nail plates, the shimmer kind of... Got tossed around. It looked like a weird streak. I ended up with a long stripe of dispersed shimmer particles, throughout almost the whole nail. I have absolutely no explaination as to how this could possibly happen, but it did. Never before, and I sincerely hope, never again.

Swedish word of the afternoon:
glass -noun ice cream
Because now me and the daughter are going for some!


  1. The polish is pretty, but I always get distracted by your swedish word of the day. I must make connections...
    This word is similar to french word for ice cream: la glace. =D

  2. Hmm I just got this one in a swap. I hope my version doesn't do this.

    I love your word of the day as well. I'm learning Norwegian and it's interesting to make comparisons :D

  3. Nihrida: Maybe I should quit the word of the day? ;D And of course you're right, cuz by the time ice cream was introduced in Sweden... Guess which language the nobles and bourgeoisie were speaking? ;)

    Rebecca: Funny you should mention that, because when I was at congress this weekend, we were visited by a Norwegian, and... Well. I had so much more trouble understanding what he was saying than I thought I would. :( Traditionally, Swedes and Norwegians understnd each other well, while Swedes tend to not get Danish at all, but the Danes and Norwegians understand each other rather OK. I find all of this kind of interesting... ;D

  4. Noooo, don't stop with the Swedish words! =)


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