Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Depend Summer 2010, part II

So, I have now tried on a couple of the new Depend cremes, and they were worn as full manicures...

First up, the second re-release, Depend 54. This is one of those crazy saturated ones, that is still not a neon, just like so many other cremes trending this season. When I put it on I was trying to figure out where I had seen it before, so I grabbed a couple of bottles and lined them up:

This is H&M Bella's Choice, Depend 54, and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. Just like the NOTD shot above, this photo has been insanely color corrected. I believe most of you who either tried to nail Four Leaf Clover to the camera lens, or simply just own it, know that it is impossible to get this one completely accurate from the start. Now after I corrected it: do you recognize them as somewhat true? Well, all technicalities set aside, the Depend is a tad bluer and a tad lighter than Four Leaf Clover, but still both darker and greener than Bella's Choice. If any of you have seen this Depend in the promo photos, at least I can tell you that color is off and untrue to reality.

The Depend peeps call this one "close to the sea". I do not really feel that. It is somewhere bordering between green and turquoise. I had a hard time deciding which one of my anal collection documentation nail wheels to add this to, but it ended up on the wheel of teals and turquoises.

And just because I can, here's a Megan Chair style bottle comparison shot.

I believe I used two coats of the 54. It would definitely benefit from a drop or two of thinner. Thick, but reasonably pigmented. Not a dream, but I can live with it.

Second, here is depend 196. This is a new color, and the Depend people refer to it as apple green, and I think they got that right, it is truly Granny Smith colored.

However... Can you tell how uneven it is? This manicure had dried for almost 12 hours when I shot this photo. And it is still thick at the tip. How come? Yeah, I had to use three, really thick coats. Because, this one was really goopey and gluey, thick, but not as well pigmented as I expect from such a thick polish. Which is really sad, because I love the color. Here, one or two drops of thinner won't be enough. And if you do add thinner to it, you'll still need insane coating.

I did a quick comparison, but neglected to take photos, however, I can tell you that I came up short with exact dupes in my stash - and I own many greens. It is not Shrek green, like OPI's Who the Shrek are You?, or Misa's Green With Envy, so I tried it next to my bottle of Pure Ice Wild Thing. Though, even that one was noticable more yellowish. If I had Orly Green Apple, I would have compared those, but I don't. Feel free to leave thoughts and guesses in the comments section! We always love to find ourselves a dupe with a much better formula...

Last, you just gotta check this horrible picture out...

This is my rarely seen right hand. Have you ever, ever, seen such insane sheet marks and smudging?! I did this manicure before I went to bed last night, and usually, once I put topcoat on, I don't have a problem going to bed right after (except maybe with Zoyas). But this sucker has a complete no-dry formula! I'm glad I got my left swatch hand to survive the sleeping struggles...

So, no, the scary thing about this photo was not my long middle, flip-off nail. LOL

These polishes were sent to me for reviewing purposes.

Swedish word of the day:
äpple -noun apple
Because you could almost figure that one out for yourselves, right?!


  1. That's the bloody problem with Depend, I say. I got the same issue, ecept after 24 hours with the poish on I could still push it around with my other nails and fingertips. Epic fail. >.<

    However, Sally Hansen-polishes dry quick, at least the Insta-Dri formula. Unfortunately for me, they also chip and peel rather fast, but that's probably because I dont't have a good base- or topcoat. Haf'ta get those.

  2. Spontant minns jag min Orly Green Apple som ljusare och mindre gultonad. Jag tycker den här ser ut att vara närmare ChG Tree Hugger, men den har väl du? Det kan vara mina skärminställningar som luras för jag är på landet vid min gamla laptop.

  3. Love both colors and you did a great job with the photos and color accuracy. =)

  4. Lolcat: I usually don't really have a prob lem with my Depends, that is why I'm so disappointed. OK, they've improved a lot, but these sucked formula wise. With the apple green, it could be the usual, it's a specific pigment thing. On the other hand, I do have light, Shrek-y polishes that does dry, so I don't think there are any excuses really.

    Sminkan: Åhh, jag är så jewla spånig och framförallt fyrkantig, så jag jämför sällan cremelack med skimmer. Så jäkla puckad. :) Jag ska rycka ut och kolla!

    nihrida: Thank you honey! ^^ <3


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