Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slamming Kelly!

Uhh... Just when I was finally back on track, at home and comfortly kicking back in my bed with my laptop softly heating me to insanity on top of my duvet, what do you think happened? My network connection went down. For 24 hours. Aaarghhh! The horror! Luckily, this forced me to complete an important task I had at hand after the party congress this weekend- writing a full report. No network is the safest way to make sure I get some work done. Maybe I should just surrender to the fact that Feline + network connection = work FAIL. Oh well. I'm back in your service!

Offering you today, some photos of my recent NOTD BB Couture Kelly's Green. This is supposedly Kelly's of Vampy Varnish signature color, and I know she describes it as an avocado green herself.

What really makes this polish stand out is that it has micro glitter. Usually, when we get colors like this one, they're pure cremes. But not when Kelly has been involved. So, from what I can detect, there is green glitter, maybe with a hint of iridescence, and most eye-catching: black. The black flecks are my personal favourite feature in this polish.

It's been well over a week, maybe even two, since I wore this polish, but if I recall correctly, this was two coats- it's BB Couture, we already know most of their polishes have an excellent, well-pigmented formula. I really liked this one, so that's why I'm going to brown-nose Kelly completely and give her two thumbs up for a job well done!

And now on to a completely different polish, just an update: after I posted about Studio M Slamming Red, I actually had some sun the next day, so I give you... A sunny photo!

And taking a cue from Lisa over at Rugby Beauty, whose blog I really think you should check out, kids toys (in this case Duplo Lego) makes excellent backdrops for beauty product photos!

Swedish word of the day:
nätverksanslutning -noun network connection
Because we still like our words long and nice.


  1. oooooh prettyy! (the red, not the green. that green i can do without...)

  2. Thank you for the linkage. I can't keep my hands off Iggy's toys. The colors make me want to play dress-up, put on tons of cosmetics and just take one photo after another.

    That red polish looks really nice. Red riding-hood nice.

  3. Scandalous: You're a very special lady. ;)

    schmut: One of the best things about becoming a mom: you get to shop for toys again! xD


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