Thursday, May 13, 2010

Depend Summer 2010, part III, by guest blogger KREX

I am very happy to introduce to you, my first ever guest blogger! Please welcome Emilie of KREX to the nail blogosphere! I happily handed her the task to evaluate the pastel parts of the new Depend collection, since she is far more experienced with such polishes than yours truly, not to mention, Emilie is a master with the camera!

Except for being a nail polish fanatic, Emilie is also a breeder of Devon Rex cats, and is sharing her life with nine of them at the moment, however, four of them forms an itteh bitteh kitteh committeh. She just recently had kittens, or, well, really, one of her cats was the one who actually had the kittens, so if you are as crazy about cats as I am, you should check her out for both nail and cat related stuff!

197. A very pale blue creme. Since these don't have names, I name this "Jöklaís" which is Icelandic for "Glacier Ice Cream" (at least according to google). The formula is a tad bit gluey and thick, as you can see on my ring finger.
But it wasn't too bad, if you're better than me at painting your nails, it just might not be a problem.

198. Pale pink creme. I'm naming this " I ate too many marshmallows".
Because I did. And this makes me want to eat even more. Looks yummy. Om nom nom. This formula was slightly better than 197, so application went pretty smoothly.

199. Pale light green creme. Makes me think of pistachio. I'm naming this "Pastulio" because it almost sounds like pistachio. For those of you that don't know, Pastulio is what Invader Zim names his giant (green) zit with hypnotic powers. This formula is a lot like 197. But it's nothing unmanageable.

200. Medium pink creme. I name this "How to flesh a grapefruit", the color reminds me of juicy pink grapefruits. Or maybe watermelons. I'm thirsty. The application gave me absolutely no problems at all. Love it.

201. Light pink creme. I hereby dub thee "Cat got your tongue?", because it is just as pink and sweet and cute as a cat's tongue.

Overall, I like the formula on these, and it is somewhat consistent with slight differences between the colors. I used two half-thick coats and no top coat on all the pics. I've tried pastel cremes before and they gave me lots of trouble. Streaky, gloopy, watery, annoying. This has made me somewhat negative towards pastel cremes. I am now a hole lot more positive!
Pastels might not be as bad after all :D I think I will wear "Jöklaís" a.k.a 197 as a full mani asap!

Thank you so much, Emilie, for reviewing these polishes for alizarine claws, and welcome to the world of nail polish blogging!

I sincerely think you should all hang out at KREX, because Emilie is really good at this business. ;)

All photos in this post are © KREX.
These polishes were sent to us for reviewing purposes.


  1. Emilie, you have beautiful nails!! I'll be following your blog for sure!! How can I get my hands on these gorgeous polish? :) Alizarine claws: Thanks for the post!

  2. De här bilderna får färgerna att se så fantastiska ut! Jag stod och fingrade på #200 igår och ställde tillbaka den, men måste nog köpa den ändå..

  3. These are great colors! and I am checking out the blog!

  4. rmcandlelight: Depend brand is unfortunately sold only in Sweden, Norway and Denmark I believe, maybe Finland too..? If you have a friend, they could maybe hook you up. :)

    Annelie: Visst är emilie duktig? Jag är såå stolt. :D <3

    Jackie: Oh please do! :)