Thursday, May 13, 2010

OPI DS Fantasy

I know I'm ridiculously late on this one, but you won't say no to some eye candy, will you?

This, my dear friends, is one coat of OPI DS Fantasy. One coat.

Swedish word of the day:
Kristi Himmelsfärd -noun the Ascension of Jesus
Because everyone enjoys a day off every once in a while, right?


  1. O.o I hate OPI, but I think I could love this one. XD

  2. that is why it is my go to... one coat wonder!

  3. nihrida: Time to make good, woman! ;D But I sincerely understand if you're feeling reluctant to it... :(

    jbrobeck: Oh yes, and I was thinking of you the whole time while applying it last night! :D One coat of Nubar Foundation, one coat Fantasy, one coat of Diamont! :D Dried in NO TIME! O.o <3

  4. I'm jealous, this did not look like this on me. It was flat and meh. It's wickedly hot on you!

  5. psh! its not even holo ;) lol jk it looks very pretty on you


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