Monday, April 26, 2010

More untitliness

Sure, I just invented that word. But you all know what I mean, because you have great imaginations!

The franken I showed you the other day..? I just took it off. I didn't wanna part from it, so it lasted this long. That's why I don't have anything new to show. Though, by the amount of awesome nice response I had to my last post about it, I'm posting newer and better pictures!

And the shimmer in this sucker. Courtesy of OPI Princesses Rule!

I also really want to thank you for all the kind words you left in the comments, and for helping my trying to figure a name out! Many of you think the Princess part justly belongs in the name. I know what you mean, and if we're playing it "combine the ingredients' names" style, it should be there. I have to admit, that even though I really like most of your suggestions, I don't feel very princess-y, and I don't really like princesses, and most of all: this polish is too damn cool for any princesses! This is a queen. Can you feel it? It may be the Queen of the Night. Or the Queen of the Knight!

Or Knight Jumps Queen? Any Annihilator fans out there will get that one, however, I expect there aren't many who read my blog. But I don't care. As I write, right now, right this minute, this very second, I hereby name my own franken Knight Jumps Queen.

Swedish word of the night:
riddare -noun knight
Because sometimes fairytales are fun.


  1. Anticipation of the final scene
    Knight jumps queen, so get prepared
    For this checkmate has been happily declared
    As the knight jumps the queen....
    You are not the only fan here! :)

  2. Oh I luv it, it's so fitting! And so fun!

  3. The name should be Prince-less. Because it has the word priceless in it and because princes are almost the same as has to be ''less'' of that. You know what I mean, right?
    It's a gorgeous polish! =D It deserves a royal name.

  4. Evil Angel: <3 Not the best Annihilator song ever, but easily the most amusing. xD

    nihrida: I understand, however, I do not agree. ;D I feel KJQ is totally settled now. :)


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