Friday, April 30, 2010

Untitled II

Yes, another post, lacking a proper name. The second of my two recent frankens, or rather, the other of my two recent frankens. I made this one prior to the purple one, but this had the same inspirational ingredient- OPI Princesses Rule! I wanted to try to do something with it from a base color I would call one of my favourites. And yes, purple is one of them, but so is green. However I couldn't really see any inspiration come flooding down all over me under those premises, but I was hit with a bolt of inspirational light calling "Blue" to me.

Oh man, was this hard... I'm terribly right-handed.

So, what does it contain? Apart from Princesses Rule!, you will find a good pour of China Glaze Calypso Blue, a nice dollop of NYX Graffiti (the more recent, sheer with glitter), and a bunch of drops of the good ol' black creme.

And of course it has no name. All I can think of is space, but it isn't dark enough. My main inspiration was my old hero Ace Frehley, and I was thinking of naming it Space Ace...

Can you see Mr. Frehley rock this one?

The Stöj wanted in on the fun.

In case you are among those easily disgusted by uneven nail length, and was shivering with horror when I posted my standard format photo with one nail visibly broken the other day, calm yourself! I have since filed down my other nails to match it. Back tomorrow, rockin' the nubbins.

Swedish word of the evening:
Valborgsmässoafton -noun Walpurgis Night
Because tonight is.


  1. I like "Space Ace", or even Space Cadet" know, I love my blues!

  2. This more reminds me of those deep sea programs about weird fishes :) I find them sooo interesting so i was thinking more 'Deep Sea Mysteries'
    I have to say i love your frankens they all look so amazing, you have a great eye for colour :)

  3. I love the name you've picked. Perfect! This color is beautiful too.

  4. Jackie: Yeah, I'm still waiting for your blue stash report. ;D

    vegesauras: I know what you're thinking! I love under water films too, there's so much weird stuff going on beneath the surface, that we rarely get to see. :) How do you like this one: "Coral Reef Rendez-vous". xD

    Elizabeth: I'm kinda liking it too, actually, short... Works! :)


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