Monday, April 19, 2010

A glittery nail fantasy

Updated my Hong Kong manicure with another Hong Kong swap extra. This one is called Nail Fantasy, and the only number I could find on the bottle was 20. It is a clear base with blue, red, gold and maybe a little silver glitter- I'm easily blinded by all the bling and get lost looking for stuff in it!

Thought it made a nice layering glitter for my gunmetal grey polish! Not too evident despite all the colors, it just looks.. Well. Cool.

Have you ever seen a photo like this by me before?! No, that's right, you haven't! I didn't feel like taking my usual crappy bottle pics against white printer paper, so I tried another crappy kind.

I felt that the bumpy graininess was rather interesting this time, so I didn't bother putting on a topcoat. It all just got a matte sort of look to it, which was perfect for this manicure.

Here you can examine this glitter yourselves.

And for those of you who don't have access to the Hong Kong polish range, fear not, because I have made yet another comparison! Below we have the similar glitters I own. Not until I got myself a bottle of LA Colors Rainbow Glitter I realised I had bought myself an almost dupe...

Nail Fantasy 20, LA Colors Rainbow Glitter, Amour Rain Glitter.

The Amour is of course way more opaque, but it has the same colors stuffed in there, so if you want a glitter you won't necessarily have to layer on top of any other polish, this could be an option.

Swedish word of the night:
regnbåge -noun rainbow


  1. Naaaah. I pass this one. =)

  2. it really does look cool over the existing mani. I like the texture and the color. Sometimes it's awesome to have texture on the nails. Smooth is way overrated. :)


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