Monday, April 19, 2010

A closer look: the greens stash, part XII or the final one!

Now wrap it up, bitch! I can hear y'all saying it. And here is the true end to the sadly long story of my entire stash of greens. Today, the post contains all the greens I have obtained since I did the actual stash photo documentation. Yes, of course I got more, what did you think?! Oh, and one stray, that didn't make it to the previous session.

First up: all! Almost...

The mints: ULTA Double Mint, American Apparel Office, Revlon Jaded.

The neons: unnamed lime scented polish, Anne & Florio, possibly B44.

The brights: Barry M Spring Green, Skin Food Apple Green (BL 505).

The olives: Viva La Diva 2, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Trendy Creme.

The shimmers, part one: Maybelline Jaded, Zoya Ivanka, Wet'n'Wild 416A, Barielle Date Night.

The shimmers, part two: InColor by Jordana Kiss and Teal, ULTA envy, Essence All Access, Wet'n'Wild Morbid, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Malachite Pearl.

And... Umm... The ones I got after I shot the other photos at 2 PM today...: Lumene Go Crazy, Viva La Diva 63.

Yep. That was all. Really. My entire stash of green polishes. Will I get more? Hell yeah. But for now, no more bottle photos of greens. I'll let you rest. But if you for some reason would like any other stash reports... Just let me know in the comments section. Documentation is a sick hobby of mine, and I will gladly spend way too much time doing some for you or for me.

Swedish word of the moment
hockeyslutspel -noun hockey playoffs, hockey finals
Because they're going on right now, Djurgården vs HV71.


  1. ahahahahahahahaha! come do my stash now! document it for posterity!!! (my great grandkids will wanna know where the lunacy came from ;) lol) loved the stash report

  2. You really do have a lot of greens!! It's kind of legendary.

  3. LOVEEE all your greens!!!!

  4. You have brands I can only dream of. Skin Food Apple Green makes me want to cry.

    I think you have to tell us how you came to own so many nailpolish and what polishes you own that you'd never ever wear.

  5. wow, where did you get the sally hansen olive color? i've been looking for a color like this for ages!

  6. Wow! You have soooo many greens! I have a bunch too, but no army / olive greens. I kinda want some - they're kinda ugly, but cool ugly, and I like them!


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