Friday, March 26, 2010

Into the night

Last night, I pulled out an untried Essence polish from my Helmer. I got it from the lovely Dutch tulip Roze, along with a couple others. Let's take a look at it.

We have some weak sun here in the Stockholm area today, and a couple of beams hit my manicure in the last photo, but... Seriously, I haven't gotten such crappy photos in a long time. And it's all due to my own sloppiness, rather than that poor sun I'm constantly yelling at. Bummer. Oh well.

What really catches one's attention with this bottle isn't the color, which is close to the dupish couple OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside and LA Girls Rock Star Heavy Metal- black with heavy silver shimmer -but the logo of the collection, called Moonlight. I could seem like an ancient fossil now, but I have a feeling it may refer to the horrible books and movies about two horny teenagers and their rather uninteresting lives, known as the Twilight series. (Since I forgot to take a photo of my bottle, feel free to generate my girlfriend nihrida's blog some more traffic here, to have a look.) I know there are many fans out there, but I am not one of them. Possibly because I am older than 17. I haven't read any of the books and wouldn't waste my time on doing so either, but I did the mistake of watching the first movie. It was a horrible experience. Simple and infantile story with inferior acting. Here is, in my opinion, the most justifying photo of Robert Pattinson:

A much prettier depiction of the whole Twilight phenomenon:

To all the fans: sorry, it is nothing personal. I just despise your taste. Haha! Nah, I just don't think I am in the target group for this series.

My own, personal association to the words Into the night, is with this old 80's kinda soft rock song, by the one and only hero. And I'm almost glad the sound was removed from the original video for copyright reasons, because it was just too much 80's... So here is a shitty bootleg vid instead. Very much childhood for me, this! (I was born in 1980.)

Swedish word of the day:
barndomshjälte -noun childhood hero
Because he was mine.


  1. LMAO@ the Twilight commentary
    Love that polish as well.

  2. Errrm...Should I be scared? I just posted the comparison of Essence and Heavy Metal. =)))

  3. nihrida: Umm... Maybe? But great minds think alike! xD

  4. Love this polish! And your pics. :-) I think Twilight sucks too, but I actually got a lot of stuff from this collection - a brush, 2 polishes, glitters, an eyeshadow...

  5. Fianlly someone who thinks Twilight is a horrible piece of shit. I haven't read the books or seen the movies and I do not want to.


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