Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The BB Couture greens

I was gone for a long time (more than a few hours...) but I'm back with lots of anal stuff! In fact, I have so much complete anality saved up that it'll last us for weeks!

Today: a small guide to the famous greens of BB Couture- and why you need all of them. Unfortunately, not a complete guide, as I still haven't got all green BB Coutures yet. After all, they are $9 each, and I can only order two or three at a time due to customs goods value limitations- if I exceed a certain value, I will have to buy my stuff out. Not entirely tempting.

Anyway, these are the ones I have got, all lined up!

The golden shimmers: Caterpillar, Iced Olive, Universal Joint and Grenade.

The cremes: Poison Ivy and Green Goblin.

The glitters... and one shimmer: Kelly's Green, Frosty Meadow, Redwood Forest and Pipe Bender.

You get the accustomed wheel:

14. Poison Ivy
15. Frosty Meadow
16. Green Goblin
17. Redwood Forest
18. Pipe Bender
1. Kelly's Green
2. Caterpillar
3. Iced Olive
4. Universal Joint
5. Grenade

All at three coats. Most of the BB Coutures are good at two though, but a few of the shimmers and of course the jellies, need three, so I played it consistent.

Can you see why you need them all? They are all different from each other, and most of them are also more or less unique- some very, like the weirdly duochrome Pipe Bender, with its flashing from blue to emerald green, and Kelly's Green, the only avocado creme base with glitter I know of. It has been known for quite a while now, that if you are into greens, BB Couture is a great resource for them. Apart from being pretty, they also have great formulas. The BB Couture greens are a greens lover's wet dream!

If you, like me, especially have a thing for greens with gold shimmer, there are a few to choose from- or if you can't take a pick, getting all of. A closeup of them:

Caterpillar, Iced Olive, Universal Joint, Grenade. In daylight.

And with flash. Here you can see the awesome pink flash in Universal Joint.

I have worn all four, and two over the last couple of days! Here is my manicure from yesterday, Caterpillar.

By the window.

And further back in the room.

Today I am wearing the absolutely gorgeous Universal Joint.

Unfortunately the awesome pink or peachy flash didn't make it into my images, but I know there are plenty other photos from other nail peeps where it's showing- go look 'em up! But at least the beautiful shimmer is clearly visible. I haven't been able to stop staring at my nails today. This is a real hit. You just need this one.

Swedish word of the day:
fjärilslarv -noun caterpillar
Maybe they'll be in business soon?


  1. Aahhhhhhhhh I need some BB Coutures!!!!!

  2. All those greens lined up is so lovely. Green nail polish is my favourite so this is heaven to me!

  3. I only have Green Goblin, Poison Ivy and Iced Olive. Iced Olive is simply stunning. I think it might be my number one favourite polish, but I need Caterpillar, Fuel Injector and Universal Joint!I'd better start saving!

  4. OMG! O.o These are GORGEOUS! I love Poison Ivy, Frosty Meadow, Green Goblin and Iced Olive! <3

  5. Jaha, nu gav jag upp och beställde de jag saknade av dessa. Caterpillar ser ljuvlig ut på dina bilder och Universal Joint också. BB Couture har verkligen många vackra gröna lack!

  6. Wow I love your post today! I have all those greens.. ;) and I even have a new green that going to be coming out soon from the brand new men's collection ~ Thanks so very much for showing off all the BB Couture greens together like this.. I was wondering what nail wheels are good for.. :)

  7. Kim: Yet another men's collection? O.o Maaan, I will never catch up, with so many greens coming out all the time! :D


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