Friday, February 12, 2010

I am the Snow Queen

I had today off, which means a weekend three days long. Sure I took the opportunity to wear polish! I chose today's polish for three reasons. First, I have nubbins, and the overall consensus seems to be that nubbins are great in vampies. Second, I had a bunch of Color Clubs in the mail a couple of days ago. Third, Sweden is still covered in snow, therefore I dub myself the Snow Queen!

Last night I was raking through my stash in one of my standard dupes search, for I was sure Snow Queen wasn't even close to unique. The obvious color to pop up in my head was of course OPI's classic Lincoln Park After Dark, but also the more recent Give Me Moor! from fall collection España. I tried Snow Queen beside both.

From left to right we have Give Me Moor!, Snow Queen and Lincoln Park After Dark, and this is at two coats. In winter overcast they seem pretty darn dupish, right?

Then look at them with lighting from behind, and how the base colors compare...

The Color Club polish wins the opacity test by a landslide. You can see the sort of graininess of Give Me Moor!, which appeared in several of the España colors, that supposedly really made them invisible shimmers. We all know Lincoln Park After Dark, but still, it is not as opaque as Snow Queen.

I know that if you are crazy about grape vampies, you have all of them, but if you are newer to your polish obsession and want only one, just get the Color Club. It has the best application, superior opacity and at half the price!

Swedish word of the day:
drottning -noun queen
Just because.


  1. You see, your nubbins look awesome!
    And you have got yourself a crown to go with it! ;)

    Great Color.

  2. Thank for the comparison! I think the drugstore Sally Hansen Salon in Pat on the Black is also in this family.

  3. Vampy color on short, beautiful nails = Gorgeous!

  4. Vampigt, svampigt och grönt är mina ledord när det kommer till lack. ;) Love your posts as always! <3

  5. Thank you all, gals! <3

    Cara: I'm sure you're right, and I'm bummed that Sally Hansen is so hard to find in Sweden! I get mine through swaps and off the evilbay.

    Lina: <3

  6. Lovely comparison, Feline!<3

    Another to cross off the list in favor of CC Snow Queen- RBL Film Noir. It is streaky, sheer, a PITA to apply, and the end result looks *exactly* the same as Snow Queen, 4-5 coats later, and up to 9 times as much $$$.

    I hope next week goes better than this...=D

  7. wixology: Thanks for input Monica! Then we won't be getting the RBL unless there's a gun pointed to out heads. :D <3


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