Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last minute Valentine's glitter

Anyone doing red glitter for Valentine's day? I have half a wheel of comparisons to share, if you have a hard time choosing! Please view fullsize image for best experience, and excuse the weird numbering.

15. OPI Crimson Carol
16. OPI Dear Santa
17. OPI Smitten With Mittens
18. Essie Ruby Slippers
1. Color Club Yule Love It
2. Color Club Ruby Slippers
3. Zoya Delilah
4. China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Which one is your favourite? Personally, I have a weak spot for Zoya Delilah. It's like China Glaze Ruby Pumps' classy mom. And just so you know, I'm always looking for a creme with the same overall color Delilah has. It was perfect, I mean P E R F E C T with my skintone. Any recommendations welcome.

How do you like posts like these? Are they helpful, or just plain shit? Please let me know by either posting a comment, or clicking the reactions' boxes below the post!

I have a ton of comparison wheels. It is a sick hobby of mine. If you're curious about how colors compare, like I am, I am more than willing to share them with you!

Swedish word of the day:
röd -adjective red
Because it is a great color.


  1. I like this kind of post and hope you'll do more of them! Helps to find the ones I really want and sort from the ones I can live, Essie Ruby Slippers steals my heart.

  2. comparison posts are cool! where do you get those wheels?

  3. Where do you get those wheels, I need some of those!

  4. The wheels can be purchased for ridiculously cheap at the site also known as evilbay! Look for the seller timtimng, located in Hong Kong.

  5. hejjej! jag är lite sen med min kommentar eftersom jag håller på att gå igenom din blogg baklänges :D men jag tycker alla jämförelser är skitbra! det är så mycket man undrar över som reds ut :) och om det är vissa märken man inte får tag i eller om man som jag haft en lemming som ser exakt ut som ett lack man redan har :D tack vare dig vet jag det nu :)

    tack för en mycket bra blogg! puss!


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