Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heavy gunmetal is the law!

You know how you tend to collect certain colors... One of my favourites are the more or less typical gunmetal greys, that can, believe it or not, vary quite a lot in between! Just check out this little pile:

I'm afraid I may have gotten myself even more since I gathered this little union with the intent of doing a comparison...

I usually try to sort my comparison participants by bottle color.

The row above generated the wheel below.

14. Creative Black Platinum
15. Yves Rocher Perle Grise
16. Depend 176
17. OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Suede
18. ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly
1. Revlon Street Wear Vice
2. China Glaze Awaken
3. Zoya Freja
4. Creative Hyde in the Dark
5. Essie Over the Top

All are in two coats, except Vice, Freja and Over the Top, and they are all at three coats.

Quite the range, huh? Some may think the two at the right are maybe only borderlining gunmetal, but I think they could be tossed into this bunch without any embarassment on the author's behalf.

In my opinion, gunmetal colors beat the hell out of both black and vampies when it comes to being the ultimate metal nail polish shade. The way I have always perceived metal, is, it's the music of the working class kids, growing up with the need to make a statement- the way things were in the 80's, when politics made its entrance into the metal lyrical concept. The metal kids aren't tidy. They are not pretty, prim and proper. Whereas black is the tuxedo of nail polish, and the vampies are gothic, gunmetal is the ultimate color for the loud metal people.

And it just looks so damn good.

It just so happens, that I was born, raised, and still, or rather again, live in a town where metal has had a very big percentage, sort of being the trademark music style. Sure, it can be discussed whether "metal" is a proper way to describe certain bands hailing from here, but others are just plain kick ass awesome METAL. There. And, therefore, here are some random metal, and non-metal facts about Upplands Väsby.

1. Located 25 kilometers north of Stockholm City.

2. Population: 38 569.

3. Harbouring the entire production of chocolate company Marabou, which helps fragrance the area...

4. First put on the world map as the home of hair band Europe, founded here in 1978.

Europe during the golden ages, the Final Countdown era.

Barely diaper free guys of Europe, taking a walk in the local mall Väsby Centrum in 1983.

5. Also served as the founding town for classic doom metal heroes Candlemass, in 1984.

Candlemass bass player and main brain Leif Edling in the school yearbook of Hasselskolan, 1983, cut out of the photo portaying the staff.

6. Prior hometown for several musicians, such as Yngwie Malmsteen, National Folk Musician and nyckelharpist (keyed fiddle player) Åsa Jinder, and Tone Norum.

7. Has butt ugly architecture, but beautiful surroundings, set on Lake Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden.

8. The bakery at Centralvägen, was once appointed the third best pastry bakery in Sweden.

9. Home to third generation hair band H.E.A.T., who last year landed the 4th place in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest qualifying competition. They have since been the opening act for Alice Cooper and Toto.

10. Sweden's richest woman, Antonia Ax:son Johnson, lives here. She is also a member of the municipality executive board. The later also applies to the author of alizarine claws.

11. Near the shore of lake Mälaren, the castle ruin of Runsa can be found. It was built during the Migration period of Europe, roughly between the years 300 and 700.

Yeah, eleven is less predictable than ten!

Last, let me finish this epic weekend posting by forcing you to listen to some excellent music. This video could be the most ridiculous one in history, but the song is one of my favourites, possibly my very favourite, by Candlemass. Please note the prominent apperances of singer Messiah Marcolin, who is not only famous for his voice, but also for at one point actually crashing a stage floor.

Swedish word of the day:
förort -noun suburb
Because I live in one. But still not quite.


  1. I love this post! Adding some to my wishlist.

  2. Do you listen to InFlames? I love them.

  3. I love gunmetal greys too, thank you for the great comparision!

  4. I too love gunmetal shades. My biggest lemming of all time is OPI Take it for Granite. My mom had it when I was in my teens, and she got rid of it years ago!! It is impossible to find anymore. :( And of COURSE, the Street Wear swatch is the closest from your collection (followed by Freja), and it is probably just as hard to find, LOL!

  5. Shades of grey/silver dominate my collection as well.

  6. Love you gunmetal nail polish collection! Depend looks really good there... Mmmmm

  7. I want them all :( ...I'm bored with my collection of pinks and nudes. Great post!

  8. Cara: I have the three first albums, I believe, but I hve to admit I'm not a huge fan. :) I', not entirely into the Gothenburg scene, I always preferred the punkier Stockholm death metal type!

    razberiswirl: Oh nooooes, why did you do this to me?! xD I used to live in blissful ignorance, unaware of this color's existance! Now I want it too... Let's search and fight together. ;)

    nihrida: The Depend really is a little more interesting than some of the others, since it has a very nice blue shimmer to it, without being too blue, like China Glaze Stone Age, which I also love but left out of this comparion because I felt it was too off. :)

  9. I am in California, so everyone here listens to reggae and hiphop etc. (whatever's on the radio) I love metal though, thanks to my boyfriend, who introduced me. I agree, the latest album isn't their best. Are there any bands that are your fav's? I'd love to check out some new music.

  10. Cara: I assume you're already familiar with California's greatest. :) My favs from there are definitely Testament and Machine Head. If you're interested in other Swedish bands, you should check out Opeth, they are my absolute favs from here! Katatonia has improved quite a bit as well over the years.

  11. I love Slayer and Megadeth :) I'll totally check them out, thanks!

  12. oh and Pantera, of course (cant leave them out, the singer is hot) Cemetary gates is one of my alltime favorite songs. Along with Ozzy's Planet Caravan. okay I'll stop rambling now. :)

  13. Blev ju så nyfiken på den himmelsblå så jag kollade efter fler fina depend bland dina bilder! Så du bor i U Väsby? Nästan mina kvarter! Jag kan dessutom stolt titulera mig fd klasskamrat med en av HEAT-killarna!


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