Thursday, February 4, 2010

Generations duette nail blogging

Right now I'bbnnb

Yes, what I was sayih

What I was saying was, that right now, I'm accompanied by my dear, three and a half year old daughter, who would like to look at maaany nail polish pictures!

Therefore we today offer you the joys of polishing very small tips and toes!

Daughter in Nubar Wildlife, out doing the wild life at the playground.

But it is not always easy to shoot NOTDs of little girlie tips...

And flash obviously did not help much.

Toes are sometimes easier, even though it is quite difficult to fit the brush onto the littlest toenails... Misa Let's Go Green.

And some polishes clearly aren't meant for impatient, little people- Zoya Kotori is one of those.

Just look at that mess!

Alizarine claws juniorette signing off!

Swedish word of the day:
barn -noun child, children
Because some of us like them.


  1. omg cutest thing ever! i love baby toe polish its the cutest thing in the world

  2. she is so cute. I polish my 6 year old son's tips & toes - have every since he was 2 (now we have to stick to 'boy' colours though). And yes...those little fingers and toes are tricky. I like the mini bottles though (OPI does good mini brushes) - hate them for me, but perfect for the kids!

  3. Nicole: That's clever, I never thought of picking the minis to use on my daughter!Gotta say though, most of my minis still have huge brushes, and other, regular sized bottles, have tiny ass brushes... Especially older polishes seem to have really thin brushes. I have to pick up more paint about 3 times on each nail- when I paint my own tips, of course. :D


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