Friday, February 5, 2010

Poll: How do we feel about pedi photos?

I added a poll to the right - please take a second to vote!

I know there are many who don't feel comfortable seeing other people's feet. Me, I personally don't mind, but how few are we who don't? Would be interesting to know more- to find out if posting pedi pics would be a sure way of killing a nail polish blog!

Yeah, secretly I'm thinking about it since I today learned that not even sheers are allowed in the healthcare business. Apparently, there's a risk of bacteria build-up in the tiniest of cracks in the polish.

And just to make this a legitimate post, here's an old shot, with old, fugly watermarking:

Got this OPI ULTA holiday exclusive in a transatlantic swap, and I loved it ridiculously.

Swedish word of the moment:
-noun toe
Because, if we are lucky, they can be kinda cute.


  1. Pretty notd!

    Personally, I don't really like to look at feet, but if the person has nice, clean feet and neat toenails, no hair on the toes etc, I don't mind looking at them. Toenailguy (with the photostream on flickr) has great feet, don't mind looking at his pedi's :)

  2. I always figure if no one wants to see my toes, they can skip that post =) I don't do my toes nearly as often as my fingers anyway, even in the summer.

    @Daph - Jake (Toepaintguy) does have great feet, seeing his pics - in the snow even! - got me back on track keeping my feet presentable throughout the winter so I'm not in trouble once spring arrives LOL

  3. I just wish I had toenails big enough to really paint.....Can you put gel or acrylic on toenails???? Mine are so short!

  4. I agree with Daph except for one thing. Please warn me in the post title that there are feet ahead.

    I don't really have a problem with feet in every day life but close-up shots... on a 19" screen... yeah I like a little warning before the feet are in my face. ;)

  5. By warning I don't mean a big "WARNING FEET AHEAD" type of warning by the way, but just a small hint, mentioning it's a pedi, mention cheese, something like that. ;)

  6. I don't mind pedi photos, as long as the feet don't look like my feet.. LOL!
    They need to be well pedicured or I'll just scroll past the photo in particular.

  7. Thanks for your input! I'm watching the poll developments, and right now there are still fewer who dislike pedis than I thought. And when it comes to my own, they just gotta be neat, or I won't ever show them to anyone! lol


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