Monday, February 15, 2010

Colorful mail

Can you believe that for the first time in the microscopic history of this blog, I did not post anything for more than 24 hours?! I am just so exhausted that I don't feel like going near a computer- I'd much rather just spend my time in the bath tub or on the couch, eating chocolate! So, tiniest tiny post today, since I had such colorful mail waiting for me when I got home, I have to share although I know you all have these already. Below are the lacquers I got from the OPI Hong Kong collection.

Sure made me a whole lot less miserable to look at these pieces of eye candy!

Swedish word of the day:
kvällsbad -noun evening bath
Because I'm popping into mine now!

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  1. Great picks, you will love Jade is the New Black!

  2. Don't feel obligated to post. I know i'll be waiting for your post when you feel better and when you feel like posting. =) And those are some great colors you got. Have fun with them, but most important - take a break, have a bath...relax! :*

  3. nihrida: Aww, you're a sweet one, you know that? Even though I get the feeling what you really mean is, "Don't post such crappy stuff!" xD Nah, I love you anyway, you know. ;) ;*


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