Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Golden green comparison!

Good day, dear friends!

I have certainly missed you, and blogging, over the last few days, but it has been chaotic here! I stick by my opinion that being a nursing assistant at an elderly community is hard work. In fact, it is so damn hard, that I just slept in total a little over 17 hours.

Luckily, I still have a bunch of stuff in the vault that I would like to share with you. The truth is, I have been building up quite a stash of documentation long before I went into blogging, with the purpose of either posting it on the nail board, or, if I would ever start my own blog... Regardless, you know I have this sick interest in comparisons, so I have been making them with pretty much the sole purpose of my own enjoyment!

Today: mossy, golden greens! I just love, love lovelovelove this kind of colors, and I collect them- any I can find I grab instantly! Still many highlights missing, but I'm working on that, and since the comparison below was made, I dare say the collection has grown at least a little bit.

Here are the bunch:

Lined up and sorted by approximate bottle color:

Painted and ready for in-depth review!

15. Zoya Irene
16. Nfu-Oh 125
17. Guppy 77
18. OPI At Your Quebec & Call
1. Ciaté Golden Globe
2. China Glaze Cat's Eye
3. Make Up Store Celebration
4. China Glaze Wagon Trail

As you can see they vary quite a lot, and you can find both the ones that lean much to the golden, and some dark ones that aren't apparent green- and that you may discuss whether they are really green or not! For instance, both the two darker ones to the right are doubtfully reallt green, but make that impression because of how the gold shimmer is reflecting in the deep brownish base.

One of my absolute favourites, and the one I call my very OPI favourite, is At Your Quebec & Call. It turns out that Ciaté Golden Globe is very dupish, and also less sheer. Therefore, of course, gorgeous. However, I feel that it can't ever replace the OPI one. I know that the Ciaté Paint Pots are much loved by many who tried them, but I have to admit I absolutely hate the formula. It is too thick, gluey. Golden Globe was a bit easier, or less difficult, to apply, than the cremes I have tried.

Doesn't matter, I still love all of these, greenish looking polishes! And I do hope this comparison was helpful for you.

Swedish word of the day:
trollskog -noun troll forest
Because they are cozy.


  1. Those are all so gorgeous, I don't have a golden green in my collection yet, but I'm hoping to get one soon!

  2. Oh, I wish I could have gotten Golden Dragon to you before you did this comparison.

  3. Gorgeous colors, especially when they're all lined up. =)

  4. gildedangel: You should definitely get one! Try the Guppy one, it's yours off of ebay for $2.50, and pretty much the same in shipping from Hong Kong.

    PerryPie: Aww, yeah, I'm longing for it! But I believe this little wheel was painted long before our swap was even thought of. :D

    nihrida: M-hm, it is kinda orgasmic just looking at them. ;)


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