Saturday, January 30, 2010

Versatile 212-Sephora

I'm out of words before I have even started writing... This has been a huge lemming of mine. HUGE. Probably even more so since Sephora is out of reach for us Swedes. Thought it would never find its way into my stash drawers, but thank capitalism for e(vil)bay, because now it is mine!

The thing is, I love glitters, but as soon as they are on my nails, I tend to feel like someone vomited on them. Those blingy bottles just looks so awesome, only to end up terrible on me. I was sceptic towards 212-Sephora for a while as well, but such a strong lemming just couldn't go unfulfilled.

Weirdly enough, a bottle of polish so packed with multiple kinds of glitter, ended up a lot less hysteric than one would imagine. Opalescent copper flakies, hologram glitter, and coarse, irregular gold shimmer actually forms a very nice, subtly sparkly vampy unity, fit for any red carpet occation.

And, as it turns out, it is also a great unisex shade, and an awesome jeans-and-top-shade. It's super blingy, but still... Mellow. A contradiction in itself.

This would without a doubt look awesome on a dude!

Yeah, I had to try my Matte-Astrophe again, as 212-Sephora seemed like the perfect polish to mattify. There's nothing cooler in my book than mattified opalescent flakies. And here I had a manicure with 'em, plus glitter, in a charcoal base. Of course I had to!

Unfortunately, this time I wasn't spared the crackles. But, in this case I think it added to the overall impression of a seemingly subtle manicure, in which a whole lot is really happening.

Swedish word of the day:
önskning -noun wish
Because this was one.


  1. Yay for lemmings fullfilled! It looks great on you!

  2. Ooo, I love it matte! It looks like a moss covered rock!

  3. i looove this polish, it's perfect!!
    i gave you an award on my blog:

  4. This polish look like vomit. But strangely in a good way (not like Lippmann Happy Birthday or Mad as a Hatter). I like it matte too. Looks like a bark of a tree.

  5. Very cool looking nail polish. Not sure that I like it matte though.

  6. Wow! Your nails are gorgeous! I really NEED to get the Matte-Astrophe!


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