Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kitties and nail polish

Those of us who frequently visit the nail discussion board on Makeupalley are well familiar with the bonus kitty or doggy pics- an often welcome off topic relief to all the drooling and lemmings created by the polish swatches. And sometimes, our beloved pets simply add themselves in the pictures... Either they love our hobby, or they may just be dying for some attention and TLC?!

Well, the lovely critters add their whiskers and tails every here and there, and my cat Stöj is no exception.

What ya doin here? You needz to haz piksherz of bottles?! Hoomins...

I lieks dis colur! Iz gonna gives it mai pherimonez.

Stöj is of course also a big fan of packaging materials, and often helps me out unpacking my polishes.

And fur strands in your topcoat beats the hell out of cat hair on your black shirt!

For clarification, Stöj is not gonna be the Swedish word of the moment, because, despite the little dots over the o, Stöj is not a Swedish word. In fact, it was made up completely. Stöj's name originally was Stewie, of course named after the cold blooded assassin baby in Family Guy, but as it turns out, the name Stewie just doesn't roll well over a Swedish tounge. And since I'm a huge nerd when it comes to language, I tend to transform words and names to the absurd. Therefore, Stewie became Stewart became Stöjvart became Stöj- but with a million stops on the road. It wasn't until later I found out that the word støj actually exists in Norwegian, and Danish. It is generally the word called stök in Swedish. And it just so happens that...

Swedish words of the night:
stök -noun mess; stökig -adjective I messy, II loud, noisy, disorderly
Because it suits him well.


  1. What a cute cat. I hate that I'm allergic.

  2. Cute little thing. Aren't they just funny when they have to stick their nose in every possible thing :D

  3. Love your Stewie or Stöj. On the last photo it looks like he is in the middle of charging. With the cord coming from him. =)

  4. P.S. I tagged for the Best Blog Award. You can find it here:

  5. That's ok. My cat's name is Etai. Except it's actually spelled Itai. It's japanese and means Ouch. Understandably so.


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