Sunday, January 31, 2010

4 different ways to be blue

No changing manicure today. I love my mattified 212-Sephora too much. (After wearing it for another 24 hours, I have now figured out it looks like rock. Stone. \m/) So here are a few archive photos (hence the irregular, weird and ugly watermarks), from my blue era a few weeks ago.

First up, the light, sheer way to be blue:

Second, the medium, holographic way to be blue:

Third, the neon way to be blue (poor photo though):

Fourth, the f***ing kick ass in your face way to be blue:

This one is so awesome that I think you'll excuse both my language and the fugly watermarking. My Norwegian colleague (?!) showed us this only a few days ago, but if you're like me, it can't be seen too many times. I loved this one SO much, that it turned my lost love for blues into a new hot, sizzling affair once again. It made me order a shitload of blue cremes I had passed on earlier. Some of 'em are now on top of my Helmer complex, just waiting to be worn. And when I get around to do so, I'll make sure you get to see them. Pwomiees.

Swedish word of the day:
lycka -noun happiness
Because blues can be.


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