Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hail nail mail!

I got a shitload of Nfu Ohs in the mail today- one full bottle and no less than seven decants! They were all part of a swap deal with the lovely Dutch tulip Roze, and I got several other goodies too. Felt I had to share these though, especially since the non-flakie Nfu Ohs do not get enough love. Yeah, I know, the photo is kinda crappy as usual, but I promise, everything will be better as soon as that infamous sun hits Scandinavia in a couple of months!

Which decants I was going to get was a surprise, even though I made wishes. So, you can only guess how happy I was to realise that Rose sent me a bottle of 569, also known as the Zulu. I know it was hard for Roze to let even one single mill go from her bottle, so I deeply appreciate the kindness! The Zulu is t the far right. The other bottles are, from left to right: 40, 48, 59, 68, 119 (The Illamasqua Propaganda almost dupe), 124, 123!

And you know I'm one of those sick nerds who can't get enough of language exercises. The pretty little bag contains the typical Valentine heart-shaped candy, but with Dutch words on 'em. Of course I'm ridiculously intruiged. Look at the bizarre words! Dutch is a truly weird language, very distinct, but still sounds like the perfect blend of English, German and Scandinavian (Swe, Nor, Den). I have to learn some Dutch one day.

Swedish word of the day:
hjärta -noun heart
Because we all have one. Somewhere.


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