Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blue without murdering matte sparkle

Believe it or not, Sweden isn't always dark, cold and gloomy. About three months a year, there aren't any polar bears to be found in the streets, because it is usually warm. No, hot. No, very hot. The Swedish spring is just warm, but already in early June, the temperature can rise up to over 30 Celsius degrees, which, for all ya Yankees, translates into over 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

This of course means we do have sun. At least sometimes. In the very northern parts of Sweden, for a large part of the summer, the sun never sets! (And of course, in the same place it never ever rises for an equal amount of time in the winter.)

It is now close to February. I know all of us who live in the northern hemisphere feel the same way: won't the winter ever end?! Well, I hear ya. Even though we've had a beautiful winter this season, spring and summer is very welcome now. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. The constant overcast is overwhelming.

This gives me the need to hunt down sunbeams in my vast photo archives. And it appears, in early December, we had some sun. At that time I documented the polish below.

Had to try it with a topcoat too!

...And let the blinginess be accompanied by some even more bling- China Glaze Nova french tips.

No doubt very interesting for a matte, black nail polish! The sun made it come out so bright it made me believe the winter was gone. Yeah, wishful thinking!

Let us for a while pretend spring is already here:

Swedish word of the day:
blåsippa -noun botanical [Anemone] hepatica
Because they are cute, blue and a sure sign of Swedish spring.


  1. 30 degrees Celsius? That's nothing. We had 35+ all last summer. =)
    ManGlaze looks great on you! I want it! Oh, wait...I already have it. Ups. =)
    Hey, could you add something to your Swedish word of the day part - pronunciation. Thanks! =)

  2. gildedangel: Not to mention versatile. :)

    nihrida: I can't. Seriously! I was thinking about that, but I can't write phonetic (?). You'll all just have to guess. xD


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