Monday, February 1, 2010

Masculine manicure with BB Couture Pipe Bender

Another one from the archives today, since I still have a problem being separated from my iron ore looking matte 212.

This one was really interesting. Look:

As usual my photo is really crappy. But the whole truth isn't the lack of sun, in this case. I actually had a few little beams peeking while wearing this, but in sun, it looks totally different. Of course I should have saved all photos of variations I had, and they were many, but I recall not being decided about starting a blog yet at that time, so I saved only the one photo I felt captured the polish's all characteristics in one. Well, somewhat, at least.

In sun, and in bright bulb lighting, the shimmer in this one turns into a bright emerald, whereas in more indirect light, the shimmer is tealish. Intriguing, this one! I would dare calling it a duochrome, but with a really wacky twist. I just couldn't figure it out!

On a quite seperate note, my daughter is at the moment a big consumer of an animated short film, called "Vem ska trösta Knyttet?", or "Who Will Comfort Toffle?", by Finland-Swede Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomin characters. I got it from one of those huge piles of crappy DVDs, for 39 SEK/~$5, and trust me, those were well spent money! My daughter loves it, wants to watch it all the time, and, in fact, "Knyttet" has over the last few days been among the first words to leave her lips as she wakes up in the morning. And... Honestly, I love it too.

For those of you who didn't know before, a fairly large percent of the Finnish population speaks Swedish as their first language. Simply because Finland used to be a part of Sweden for hundreds and hundreds of years. We were separated in 1809 though, when the Russians took Finland. Despite this, many Finlanders continued to speak Swedish. The family of Tove Jansson was one of them, and Tove has become a national treasure to the Swedes just as much as to the Finnish.

Now, you won't understand shit unless you're Scandinavian (or Finnish), but since this is a musical short film, and has fantastic drawings, animated by Johan Hagelbäck the same year I was born, I think you should look anyway!

Make sure to watch parts 2 and 3 as well!

Swedish word of the day:
broderskap -noun brotherhood
Because we share it.


  1. What a great polish! I think i have one like this. It's green with blue shimmer. And your photos don't suck, what are you talking about?!
    Moomin's are a Swedish thing? I loved that cartoon and I also called my little niece a Moomin, 'cause she had a haircut like them. =)
    Don't Finns ''hate'' Swedes...and vice versa? I met a Finn once and he said that they dislike the Swedes.

  2. Nihrida: No, Moomin is Finnish, but Swedish-Finnish. xD Confusing, I know! All the Moomin books were originally written in Swedish, since it was the primary language of Tove Jansson. Swedes love Moomin, almost as much as the Finnish! ;) And the relations between the Swedes and the Finns... I guess you could call it a love/hate relation. ;) We have been so tightly linked throughout history, we're like an old married couple! Lol

  3. Great color, I love it on you!

  4. Beautiful! I was really impressed with the BB Couture polishes I got for review.

    Thanks for changing the link to my blog!

  5. I love this! the color is so pretty on you!

  6. i didn't love all the "men" polishes from BB but i'm really impressed with this one. looks great on you!


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