Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two in one

And I'm not talking about two polishes in one post, but two coveted finishes in one polish! Or is it more? Depends on how you count. Well many weeks after Halloween, here's a seasonal polish from Darling Diva Polish, called Mannon.

That's right, holographic and iridescent, both in the same awesomesauce! More specifically, we have holographic shimmer, holographic glitters in both hexagonal and diamond shapes, and smaller hexes of the iridescent variety. Which is, in all honesty, what really does it for me here, since I'm team iridescence rather than team holo, even though I enjoy holographic properties every once in a while.

This particular manicure is one or two coats of Mannon (I can't remember specifically anymore - time!) over a golden olive hue of the kind that I love so much, in this case an old Sally Hansen Hard as Nails called Sassy Frost.

Can you use Mannon alone? Sure, this is what it lookes like then (flash lit - sorry):

Three coats of Mannon alone. It's still sheer, and I prefer it layered myself.

Despite being a Halloween polish, this one is still available in a few bottles in the Darling Diva Polish Etsy store, so if you want it, you'd better hurry!

Mannon was purchased with own funds.
Sassy Frost was a personal gift.

Swedish expression of the day:
två i ett two in one
Better in some cases than others.


  1. you make polish look so pretty!!

  2. Why did you show this polish? Now I had to buy it... ;-)

  3. I wanted to rate this post as "Good" but there's no rating anymore? So I am leaving a comment saying, "This post is good." :D

  4. When I saw your photos-- I was what is that? And then I realized I have both Mannon and Sassy-- both untried. I guess we like similar types and colors of polish. This is so gorgeous and confirms both of these as recent buys-- now I have to get them on my nails.

  5. Wow, that Mannon polish is GORGEOUS!


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