Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If the cat is in the box...

Did I mention I love the so called disco glitters? With their iridescent and duochrome properties, they're right up my alley. Luckily for me, there's an independent brand mainly focusing on duochrome polishes, and it's called Lilacquer. Cathleen, who is the brain behind the polishes, revealed some time ago a full collecton of science themed topping glitters, consisting of disco glitters and duochrome and iridescent shimmers. What can I say? Not only do I like iridescent and duochrome, I also like topping glitters of this particular kind, and the witty science names certainly didn't make me less interested. Despite that everything speaks in favor of me buying every single polish in this collection, I have only one, and that is Schrodinger's Catastrophe.

Yeah, there wasn't much light present when I brought out my focus hating DSLR that day, but what you see here is one coat of Schrodinger's Catastrophe over a very bright purple Sation creme, called Miss Emo Shun All. Schrodinger's Cat consists of the green-aqua-blue-purple variety of iridescent hex glitters, together with corresponding shimmer in a clear base. Unfortunately the Sation never dried, so this particular manicure got all danged up pretty soon, but I loved the color combination, it was so mesmerizing.  This of course also means I will have to wear Schrodinger (or, since both Swedish and German are languages full of umlaut: Schrödinger) again soon, because I want to wear it way longer than I got to this time!

The collection Schrodinger's Catastrophe is part of, is simply called Science, and it has been released one polish at a time during the fall. The last will be available in the very end of November, if I'm not mistaken, and at November 30th you will be able to find a selection of the Science toppers and other polishes in the Lilacquer Etsy shop.

All products were purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
fysiker -noun physicist
Has brains working way different to mine.


  1. Soo pretty, gorgeous colour!

    Jazz x

  2. Jättefint lack. Det här blev jag sugen på att skaffa.

  3. Now thats an amazing polish, WIN!

  4. I am wearing this today over black. love it and love the name.

  5. I love it when things have witty names. This one is brilliant and very pretty too!

  6. I love iridiscent glitter toppers! And the name is fun and witty :)


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