Thursday, September 6, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Battlestar Galactica Collection - Resurrection

I guess resurrection can come in many shapes and forms, but if you're a creature in Battlestar Galactica, or a polish from Darling Diva Polish, Resurrection comes in a pale pink goo.

This post will be part educational, because, frankly, does this appeal to you?

Maybe, maybe not - the point is, anyone who ever tried to photograph a polish with iridescent glitter knows it's really hard. If you put iridescent glitter over a light base color, the reflective properties will be hard to capture, and the camera will mainly translate the transparency of the glitter pieces, making them look a somewhat unappealing yellow. However, there is a way - and I found out after trying long and hard. Look below.

This is the part of your iridescent polishes you love, right? The trick is to get a raking light over the particles, and shoot in fairly low light. You need to underexpose to the level where the surroundings are pretty much unexposed, and your object is all that catches light. So turn off the evaluating light balance mode, and switch to center or spot.

I shot the photo above with my DSLR. If you use a compact camera, this will be a little more difficult if you're not on terms with the fully manual program on it. Below is a photo shot with my compact at the same time, under similar conditions and in a similar angle.

Not at all as awesome. Of course, layering over a light color does this to iridescent glitters, but the camera worsens the impact of that yellowness - and in reality, your fingers move a lot, shifting angles.

So, when discussing a polish with iridescence, we know that a lot of photos of them are crap. Resurrection is full of large hexagonal glitter and smaller square ones - all iridescent, and also different colors of iridescence. There is also fine shimmer, and the base is sheer enough to not build very much, so it will require layering (I'm wearing it over OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! in these photos). If you put it over a dark color, the risk of the yellow see-through effect is almost eliminated, but then, of course, it will less resemble the translucent resurrection goo! Just look at the wheel below.

Like before, this is three coats of Resurrection alone to the left, and to the right one coat over black.

Personally, I love me some iridescence, but trying to show it to you is like a bitch slap from your loved one. Most of my iridescent manicures don't make it onto the blog. With Resurrection, I tried very, very hard, and still, I managed only a few photos, and only one that looks nice. You'll just have to take my word for it: Resurrection is fabulous.

If you love iridescence, Resurrection is a nice investment. You can get it at the Darling Diva Polish Etsy shop for eight bucks.

Swedish word of the day:
ovillig -adjective unwilling
These glitters are, in terms of photographic collaboration.


  1. I love this collection. I'm a big BSG fan so this is close to my heart. I also love the accompanying pictures you post. Can we have a good shot of Apollo next? Shirt optional...

    1. This one's for you! ;)

    2. Excellent! I'm actually watching Razor this evening after me something to look forward to.

  2. Never mind the polish. You're making me want to hand over yet another chunk of my life (I can't afford to lose right now) and rewatch all the seasons of BSG for the third time.

    One of the most perfect shows. :)

    1. Indeed it is! BSG tends to take over one's life completely. :D

  3. Fint! Är det Xena som ligger i badet på första bilden? :O


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