Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Battlestar Galactica Collection - Uncharted Space

The third piece of the Darling Diva Polish Battlestar Galactica collection is all about actual space. And I don't mean room, but the Universe. Namely the uncharted bits and pieces of it (that's pretty much the entire thing, and yes, I admit to having huge existential issues and instant vertigo at the mere thought of it). Above, one of the lead characters of the TV series, Commander Adama, probably thinking hard about where in the uncharted space to go next. Maybe here?

I don't know, but Darling Diva Polish lets you paint your own Uncharted Space on your nails.

Here shown in two coats over the navy blue jelly NYX Girls Ink Heart (three coats - thick manicure!). The base is lightly tinted in blue, and there is a ton of small, multicolored glitter, along with fantastic purple fleck shimmer. Perhaps there's even more stuff in there, but does it really matter? This is a gorgeous blue glitter polish. Personally, I'm partial to finer glitter, so this is one of my favourites of the collection.

Let's check out the wheel swatches, as before, this is Uncharted Space in three coats alone to the left, and to the right one coat over black.

Uncharted Space is availabe in Darling Diva Polish' Etsy shop and will cost you $8.

Swedish word of the day:
kartlagd -adjective charted
Very little of space is...


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