Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Battlestar Galactica Collection - The Opera House

Another day, another Battlestar Galactica polish from Darling Diva Polish! Today, a shade I might have had something to do with the creation of. When Carrie announced she was working on this theme and revealed some of the polishes she had in the pipeline, I asked her if she was going to do an opera house inspired color. She immediately embraced the idea, and a handful of us enthusiasts aided her in the brainstorming part. My own input didn't go further than "opera house" and "white", but Carrie is a gifted woman, and transformed the imagery of the photo above into the following - The Opera House.

These photos are of The Opera House in one coat over OPI Don't Touch My Tutu!, three coats - the coats of The Opera House apparently vary in terms of thickness and glitter outcome between nails. In retrospect, I think two coats of The Opera House over two of the OPI would have transcribed the milkiness of the white base better, but I'll try that another day (because I'll definitely wear this one again). This translucent milky white base is packed full of white fleck shimmer, small holographic gold hexes, gold square glitter, larger holo gold hexes, white hex and ginormous white hex glitter.

Pretty much immediately after these precious bottles landed in my mailbox, I tried The Opera House on, and alone. This is a photo of that, where three coats have been used.

And now for the wheel swatches. First, three coats alone, second, one coat over black.

When I've been working with this angelic golden glitter, all I've been able to think is "If I'll ever have a white wedding, this will be my manicure". Actually, this is pretty much the only times in my life I've been contemplating a white wedding at all. Still, it's of course versatile enough to give any event a splash of glamour - perhaps a night at the opera house? Heck, I wore it to work!

Base formula is thick to be able to successfully suspend the large glitter pieces, and if you're not patient enough, application could be a bit challenging, as with any similar glitter polish. Using it for layering in one coat over a base color is a great way of avoiding the trickiest parts, but this polish really does look good in multiple coats as well.

The Opera House is available in the Darling Diva Polish Etsy shop, for $8.

Swedish word of the day:
operahus -noun opera house
May also hold non-opera events.


  1. Ahw! I'm not crazy for the polish, but I'm crazy for the idea. Ahw! <3

  2. Ahem... I went crazy and ordered this polish and the previous one (*ashamed*). <3


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