Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Smokin' Smolder

Back with a full manicure of one of yesterday's Orlys. My first pick from the fall collection was Smolder. I love it - my camera hates it. Glowy shimmer like this freaks the autofocus out completely.

I think you're still able to see what this polish is all about, right? This is three coats - but I believe most of you will feel content at two. I mostly added the third layer because I wanted to see if the color would deepen, and I actually think it did. If you're into these vampy shimmers, you should try it out for yourself. Because this really is a fantastic red shimmer.

I don't know how these photos look on your screen, but the red color is on the cooler side, a little cooler than it looks on my monitor. And if you would like to know more precisely, we're now going to kill a few suspicions. Check below out.

About half of this collection seemed to be pretty much exactly what OPI is giving us simultaneously in their Germany collection, so I compared Smolder to the shimmery vampies Every Month Is Oktoberfest and German-icure by OPI. These shades still freak my camera out, but you can see that despite the fact that both Smolder and Oktoberfest have purple-ish bases, they are very different. German-icure by OPI is much more brown leaning than Smolder. All this will be very apparent in the next image:

Here you can clearly see that the bases are different. Oktoberfest is blurple, almost blue, Smolder have a red leaning plum purple base, and German-icure by OPI has a charcoal brownish base. If you magnify this paper swatch, it is also fairly obvious the shimmer is the same in all.

Of course this means I, personally, need them all. Kthanxbai.

Let's also take a brief look at some of the other suspected dupes. I'll be honest, these photos are not good. But hopefully you can pinpoint the differences.

First, Orly Flicker versus OPI Deutche You Want Me Baby. I thought these would be exact dupes. While they're close, they're not identical. The OPI is more red, a little deeper. I do believe the shimmer is the same, though.

Second, Orly Glow versus OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. I thought these would be exact dupes also, but as it turns out, they're not, either. The OPI is warmer, more flesh toned, Glow is more beige, grey tinged. I like Glow better.

I hope I could satisfy your curiosity some, and maybe I'll return with better comp photos of Flicker and Glow as I wear them.

Swedish word of the day:
pyra -verb smolder
The Swedish word is kinda cute.


  1. Oh my god, that's GORGEOUS! I want that! Oh wow.

  2. Ser helt ljuvlig ut! Åker upp på önskelistan.

  3. Jag hämtade ut mina idag och blev omedelbart kär i dem, precis som i Germany-lacken. Orly har dessutom valt att fokusera på mina favoritfärger, vampies och röda nyanser. Jag ser fram emot Smolder något vansinnigt men valde att börja med guld. Förhoppningsvis hinner jag fota den imorgon. Fasen, jobbet har redan börjat inkräkta på lackbloggandet... :D

    1. Vårdjobb inkräktar något FRUKTANSVÄRT på nagellackande. xD

  4. Åh vad snygg! Rött skimmer mmm!

  5. Vampigt skimmer i sin perfekta form. Åtminstone en utav dem i alla fall.

  6. Ohhhh wow...I love Smoldy, amazing!!


  7. Åh, har väntat på swatcharna på det här. Underbart, mer mer! Älskar också att det är nästan-dupes på Germany-kollektionen då jag inte köper OPI men har tyckt att de är jävligt fina på allas swatchar.

  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches, they always help me decide.

  9. Åhh, vad jag är glad över att jag har en flaska med detta som ligger på posten och skumpar på väg hem till mig (några dagar försenat dock, hoppas det dyker upp :/), för detta är fantastiskt fint! Har bara sett flaskbilder tidigare, dessa är de första nagelbilder jag sett på lacket. Måste torka upp lite dreggel nu.

  10. Så vackert Smolder är, det blev jag allt sugen på!

  11. This is just my type of red and I need it ASAP!!!

  12. Thanks for comparison)
    I've been doubting which of the OPIs to get: Oktoberfest seemed to purple and Germanicure too brown. Now I know I need Smolder, which is the perfect balance!

  13. Smolder is definitely the best of the three


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