Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orly Fired Up fall 2012 - quick bottles and wheel

I don't know what it's like where you live, but here in the surroundings of Stockholm, Sweden, you can almost feel the fall lurking in the air. Coincidently, we're served fall collections. I'm starting to grab for 'em vampy bottles - do you?

The Swedish representatives of Orly kindly provided me with their fall collection Fired Up for review, and here are some hasty photos for a first look.

Six shades of sultry fall femininity. Wheel swatches below are all at three coats each.

From left to right: Glow (nude beige creme), Flare (gold metallic shimmer), Flicker (orange metallic shimmer).

Ignite (cool toned cherry red jelly), Smolder (red metallic shimmer in plum purple base), Rapture (blackened brown creme).

A little low on light already at 8 PM here in August, so let's have a flashlit wheel photo as well (you may magnify if you're daring):

There you have it. Six vampy and glamorous shades. Three metallic shimmers, three in the creme division - of which one is actually a jelly, our beloved maraschino cherry red, this time named Ignite. If you're missing one, picking this one up might be a great idea. As a lover of red, I have quite a few members in this color family, but I can't say the same for oranges or golds, and when it comes to those I have very little to compare qualities with. But a gold is a gold, right? Could be a good staple as well. Nudes and blackened browns we have also seen before, but these areopaque and nice. Actually, all of these are nicely pigmented. Stated above is I did three coats of all - but only two of them needed the third: Flare and Flicker. The others are good in two coats.

I left one color out in the above paragraph, didn't I? Of course, because it's the star of the show. We may call her Smolder. Had these pictures been any better, you would have been able to see her glory. But don't despair, I'm wearing her right now. That means decent full swatch photos any day now.

It seems most of our beloved big nail brands are digging down those thrift find pockets for classic, vampy shades this fall. I won't complain, I dig vampies. A lover of vampies can never have too many - or can (s)he? Maybe when the shades look familiar. And I'm not just nodding towards long forgotten eras, but also contemporary compeditors. However, while there are striking similarities between these shades and some offered by the other big brand that starts with an O, there are also differences. I will be returning to this subject sometime within this week.

And all in all, as a collection, these go well together and present a sophisticated and mature unit. If that's what you want, Fired Up is full of win.

Swedish word of the day:
mogen -adjective I ripe II mature
This fall may have both.


  1. Beautiful shades so perfect for fall

  2. Very pretty. I can't wait for fall!

  3. Very nice fall collection!

  4. Pretty and yes, 3 of them do look like they are right out of the OPI Germany collection will be interested in your comparisons.

  5. The weather got nasty over here too, cold and rainy...I bought Smolder a while ago, it's one of the best deep reds ever! Glow is pretty too. xxx

  6. Smolder is super pretty. but not that unique that I think I really need it...

  7. Oh, I think that I need the all of those shimmers! Fantastic ones, all of them. And maybe Flare is that gold lacquer I'm missing in my collection!


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