Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh My Goth!

There was this polish. When I saw it I knew I needed it. I'm not always crazy about glitters, but this one was so nice, with sparser particles in a colored base. I like that.

The polish is called Oh My Goth! and is of an indie label, Revolution Polish. Below it's presented in one coat over Mavala New York. Also, before you look closer here, I'd like to apologize for failing in my oil removal - the surface looks greasy in most photos - sorry!

Isn't that hot?! Silver and magenta glitters, in both hexagonal and square shapes and of various sizes, along with black hearts, in a grey jellyish creme. The glitters are more magenta than they look here. As always, I blame my camera.

Additional photo: three coats of Oh My Goth! alone. It's a little more bumpy, but if you have an awesome topcoat, it's definitely manageable.

In this photo you can also tell what the hearts look like when they're beneath the final coat. Personally, I preferred this polish layered in one coat over a similar creme shade, that way the covered hearts are avoidable.

The base of Oh My Goth is rather thick, but if you don't like that, you can thin it to your preference. I didn't need to thin it while using it the first time, but the second time I added a few drops because I felt some solvents had evaporated. Lauryn, who makes Polish Revolution lacquers, explains that because Oh My Goth! contains the heart glitters, which is heavier, the base needs to be thick to avoid sinking. Personally, I'm cool with that, since I have a bottle of thinner beside me at all times.

And because I know you're wondering: no, you don't really have to fish for the heart glitters. If you want one on a specific nail, maybe you'll have to, but I actually had to fish way less than I do with for example OPI polishes that contains hearts.

Polish Revolution has an Etsy shop, where Oh My Goth! is currently available for $9. Check out the other polishes as well! My next purchase from Polish Revolution will definitely be Vegan Zombie.

Swedish word of the day:
gotisk -adjective gothic
In a cute way.


  1. Cute glitter! I really like it!

  2. Väldigt snyggt lack! Jag är lite less på hysteriska glitterlack, men det här var lite mer dämpat på ett trevligt sätt. Kan bli inköp...

  3. !!!!!!!!!! It would be really awesome if the glitter was actually purple. ;) BLACK HEARTS! Do want.

  4. It looks great but I love the base color a little bit more, what can I do I absolutely adore dark reds and any kind of grey polish ;)

  5. eeeek!

    I've been eyeing this one for a bit ... yeah, ok, and also Vegan Zombie, even though I HATE zombies. I'm sure if you end up buying and posting that one I shall cave! o.O


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