Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rainforest - now also in the taiga area

This manicure has waited way too long to be posted - it has been weeks since I wore it. And it was delicious. So I took a million photos, I even edited all of them, but realized I would want to write tons about them, so I've waited until I had a decent amount of time at my hands (like, an actual weekend off). Let me present to you some layering, with Ozotic Pro in 503 Rainforest as the star.

Okay, you got all of it? Duuude. I'm just... Yeah. Wait, I'll have to close my drooling mouth after seeing these photos again (yes, I drool at the sight of my own manicures sometimes).

So, what is this? First, we have two coats of China Glaze Starboard, a medium green creme that I actually don't really care for on its own. So layering with it was a terrific idea. On top of that, one coat of LA Girl Glitter Addict in Purge. Here's a photo of the two alone:

Topping it all of with three coats of the Ozotic. Or was it two..? It's rather sheer, so let's say you'll need three coats to achieve this. The sheerness also allows for the glitter to show through, which was what I initially went for. I don't really like chunky glitter that stays on top of the surface. I will want to make some sort of sandwich with them. At least if they're as flat looking as some glitters in transparent bases are.

I had been lemming Rainforest for a long time. As I always found Ozotic Pro polishes to be way too expensive for my liking, I didn't get it before it was too late. It was nowhere to be found. Then I went on a fika trip to dear Sminkan, and she was lovely enough to provide me with a decant of hers! The bottle has been sitting on top of my Helmer complex since, like a nice piece to show off (though I'm the only one who really looks). 503 is now again available, though. You may for example find it at Llarowe webshop for a mere $14.50.

Do you love this combination as much as I do?

Swedish word of the day:
regnskog -noun rainforest
Taiga pineforests are rainy ones only during fall...


  1. I love that look! I recently bought 503 along with some of the other discontinued multichromes, I haven't used it yet though...

  2. Jättevackert!

  3. At first I read the top of the post and only saw the first two pictures and thought "So what?". But then I scrolled down to the third picture and I went "OMG".
    This mani is soooo incredible. I love green nail polish but hate to layer so I bow to your skills.

    Love your blog btw.

  4. That is a really neat layering combo!

  5. Otroligt vacker kombination!


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