Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saint Lucia's Day celebration

No, I'm not going to write tons of drivel about how Scandinavians celebrate Saint Lucia, but I'll show you the manicure I wore! Well, honestly, I didn't celebrate all that much in the first place, I just went to see my daughter in her preschool Lucia procession - she was dressed as a gingerbread lady. However, as usual, I never pass on an opportunity to do a related manicure.

First, let's see the base color alone. I have swatched it for the blog before, but I didn't really do all that well, so here it is again, the China Glaze glassfleck classic White-Kwik-Silvr:

Cute, but four coats. It's okay though, since this old black label white actually dries somewhat faster than one would believe.

So, what did I do? Not all that much, really. I did my first half moon manicure. It took me a lot of time, but was overall okay. Saint Lucia wears a crown with candles, and it's sometimes it's made out of a wreath of green leaves, so I went with this year's holiday green sparkle from the same brand: Glittering Garland.

Still a little thick here, since it was newly applied. I would never have been able to do this free hand, so I used one single guide for eight of my nails, and one for my much wider thumb nails - I cut out a piece of a left over nail foil sticker and re-applied it to one nail at a time... I know, I know. It was a tiny bit messy, but it worked!

I also thought about adding Lucia's red ribbon as a funky french detail, but I'm happy to report that I never attempted to ruin the above manicure with it.

Swedish word of the day:
kvicksilver -noun mercury
Metallic chemical element number 80, also known as Hg.


  1. I love it! So tidy... I also did my first halfmoon just few days ago and I love how that mani looks 'high-class'

  2. O.O This is your first half moon manicure?! You did an amazingly gorgeous job. My attempts at the half moon have been, to put it lightly, megafails. I like the idea of using a guide but I've never been able to find any that fit just right. I'm definitely going to try your idea next time I'm feeling patient/confident! :D This manicure is beautiful!!!

  3. Very pretty! I love frosty, sheer whites like this! I wore the crap out of a color like this in High School!

  4. Love love love the half moon mani! Very festive too : )

  5. So pretty! Every time I see a mani with Glittering Garland, I just love it even more. I could kick myself for not buying it (I bought Holly-day instead!)!

  6. Gorgeous white...and I love the mani. I have never done a half moon mani ...looks hard!

  7. It looks amazing and I love a little unconventional colors


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