Thursday, December 15, 2011

Admirable show

Two Ludurana Aurora Boreal shades today! First one to be tried out, was Admirável. You know... Green. Plus I suspected Sminkan would perhaps like to see it. So here it is.

Three coats, but the color didn't really deepen between coats two and three. And no, no photos can do this color justice, because, like so many other great shades, it just doesn't photograph very well - at least not by any of my cameras. Damn you, shitty Canon equipment! So, what you don't see here, is the flash on top, that shows pinkish in daylight, and a pale gold in direct artificial light, such as fluorescent. Also, imagine all the colors you do see about a million times more vivid. This is possible the weakest multichrome of the collection, but it is still very much admirable. Wearing it is the only way to find out what all the colors are like! You'll have lots to do in every imaginable lighting situation, just watching how it changes. Summary: the photos suck, but I love this one.

Next, I give you Show! And look: SUN!

Two coats, this time over black. Show, on the other hand, might possibly be one of the strongest multichromes of the collection. As usual, the photos suck, but a little less than those depicting Amdirável. The main thing missing here, is the direct angle teal green flash. It's the most apparent in the third photo from the top, so take that image and add a slight more emerald tone to the center parts of the nails! Oh man. What's not to love about this one? Huh? HUH?! There's a good chance I'll marry this polish. Honestly.

Can you tell I got a bit excited here? I don't remember the last time I was this excited about an entire collection. And I'm not disappointed. Not yet. And I seriously doubt I will be. But, three shades to go - I hope to be posting them soon! Just gotta wear 'em first.

Swedish word of the day:
beundra -verb admire
I do admire these.


  1. Nå er jeg glad jeg bestilte alle! <3

  2. Åh! Jag älskar dem! Jag har beställt dem från Llarowe och väntar otåligt på mitt paket som säkert kommer under min semester så jag inte får det direkt. Gah! Jag kan knappt vänta! Beställde de multikroma från Hits också, från deras brasilianska webshop. Hoppas de också är galet vackra och att den webshopen funkar bra vad gäller leverans och sånt. Men, jullov från och med imorgon så jag kommer inte veta om jag får paket de närmaste dagarna.
    Tack för att du visade Admiravel. Jag längtar så efter den. Den ser utsökt ut. Den andra med, såklart. Helt enastående!

  3. looks awesome!

  4. These are some gorgeous duochromes! That first picture of Show is AMAZING!

  5. Show is gorgeous! All of the colors in it are beautiful.

  6. Ugg....both are so gorgeous!

  7. Ooh! Ooooh! Nu längtar jag ännu mer efter Admirável! Så fint, så fint, så fint. Nästa gång jag beställer från Llarowe ska minsann Show också beställas. Älskar verkligen den sista bilden på det lacket. Fantastiskt!

  8. I recently bought ludurana - show.. omg.. i bounced from the kitchen to the livingroom when I had opened the package :D It is crazy, they can just stop making polishes now cause it doesn´t get any better :D

  9. :D
    Just swatched mine, will start posting the holos today !
    Sweetie, you will LOVE the green mari moons, got them 2 days ago!

  10. you think this might be new Turquoise Opal? is it better,or worse,than TO ?

  11. Åhh Show ser så otroligt vacker och underbar ut! Upp på köplistan! Så fort jag får pengar kommer det att gå en dag innan jag blir pank igen. Du får sluta visa så läckra lack, inte bra för plånboken min..


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