Thursday, August 18, 2011

OPI DS For Fall 2011 Bold Comp

When Feline posted the OPI DS swatches yesterday (and a couple of weeks ago), there was some comments about OPI DS Bold's resemblance to China Glaze Mrs. Claus so here is a comparison for you:

From left to right: OPI DS Bold, China Glaze Mrs. Claus, Zoya Astra, Zoya Nova.

Swedish word of the day:
barnvagn -noun stroller
Because I finally received the Bugaboo Donkey yesterday!


  1. thanks for that!
    So DS Bold is nothing special I guess!
    I would prefere the China Glaze one, because it's at a lower price!
    but I have the one from Zoya, so I don't need the OPI one!

  2. For it being a DS shade, it doesn't really look that special to me. They need to start releasing more holo shades again!

  3. Oh, startlingly similar! I was wondering about that. Well, that's one polish that won't be hurting my wallet, thank you for the comparison!

  4. Wow! The OPI and ChG look so similar. Thanks for the comparison. :) I miss the holo DS polishes.

  5. The OPI looks slightly denser than the CG, but since I already have the CG, I'd rather spend the money on some of the more interesting polishes we're expecting this fall/winter season... Lovely polish, nonetheless :)

  6. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost bought Bold, but I guess I have it in China Glaze form :) Thank you soooo much !!!

  7. The OPI and the ChG is very similar although Bold is slightly denser!


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