Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OPI DS for Fall 2011

This post was originally posted back in June, but had to be taken down due to request from OPI's PR company. It is now posted again, with no particular updates. Though, there will be a small, added comment in the end. Enjoy.

No patience whatsoever, I swatched the new DS polishes immediately as they came over my doorstep. I had to hurry to catch the last few sunbeams this evening, so please be more patient than I am, and look past my creative flaws. The bottle photos are quite large, if you'd feel like magnifying them to check the glitter in detail. But then again, all photos are larger than shown, so please go ahead and click them for a more thorough view. Both polishes are shown with topcoat - with glitters like these, there's just no other way.

DS Temptation.

Three sloppy coats with no cleanup (sorry). The bottle is color accurate, the swatches not as much - my swatch camera can't handle magenta, but my DSLR can, though I have no decent lens to shoot macro with it. Anyway. Mostly purple and magenta glitter in a sheer dark blue (yes!) base, with some blue glitter, and a few sprinklings of green, gold and silver. Lots of things going on, but overall very tempting, yes. I like it. In these pictures it hasn't dried yet, so some of the thickness and lumpiness might settle, and if it does, it will be awesomesauce. If not - next, please.

DS Bold.

Three less sloppy coats with actual cleanup attempts. Somewhat sheer reddish pink base with silver and light pink glitter. Both cameras enhances the base color, the overall look is more pink. This is what DS Perfection would look like if it was glitter instead of foil. But without the duochrome. Hated the color at first, but as I still have the swatch on while I'm writing... It is sorta growing on me. Not a typical alizarine color, but nonetheless terribly glamorous and a bit like a disease, which gives a slightly higher rate in my book.

I had to take an additional shot of this:

In terms of application these are okay. Formula is great, not the thick glitter formula OPI sometimes tend to do, but on the other hand the bases of these are somewhat sheer and personally I feel they need some building, that's why I did three coats of both. I was pretty generous, and too much generosity still renders some cuticle pooling, which can be annoying with glitters, but a medium thick coat gives decent results. They dry fast, so that part I'm happy with.

I know many of you are disappointed that the DS line isn't all holographic anymore, and I can understand why, even though I'm one of those who can appreciate the non-holo ones, and I'm sorry you will be disappointed once again. Also, these glitters are rather fierce, but I don't expect them in the DS line. I can't tell why these should be pricier than any glitter OPI has put out in their regular collections. Since they're not that opaque, one might want to try them as topping glitters, but I have a hard time justifying the excessive price tag for such a polish, when both OPI themselves and other brands put out great layering glitters, and opaque ones, for way less $.

Overall I'm ambivalent about these. They're nice, but I doubt I would have spent the bucks. If you still feel like doing so, they will be out in Swedish stores in August, so I'm guessing the same or at the earliest July for the US.

Added comment, August 17th: I tried on Temptation again, this time as a pedi. It is still gritty. Also, both of these polishes chip rather fast, at least on me. I can still not justify the DS price tag for these colors, but if you're really into glitters, maybe you would need Temptation. We will get back with comparisons of Bold, as it has been suggested to have dupes.

Swedish word of the day:
frestelse -noun temptation
Sure need one.


  1. oh no! the colors are soo pretty! but why are they so glittery??? I don't like that at all!

  2. Those are sooo pretty! I don't know how I feel about the glitter though!

  3. Hmmm, DS Bold looks a bit like ChG Mrs. Claus, if it's pink leaning?? I love the look of Temptation especially since it's more magenta, but OPI glitters chip quickly on me as well. Of the two I think I'd lean more towards Temptation! Thanks for the great photos and review. :)

  4. I am a glitter addicted, and I was really disappointed by two glitter polishes from Burlesque Collection that I bought last year. They chip really fast (within 24 hours!!!), I can't accept such a bad performance from a brand like OPI, with those prices.
    In general, after OPI was bought by Coty, I have noticed a loss of quality in their polices. This is really a pity, and I don't think I'm going to buy their polishes again.

  5. geez! thanks for the swatch. i thought this DS spouse to be the holo series but they come in glitter, i think this is new to OPI DS eh? but im surely gonna grab Temptation

  6. Excuse me? They you to take the post down, because you gave an honest review? Good to know... makes me really consider buying (and reviewing) the brand at all.

  7. DysfunctionalKid: No, it was because the info was not official yet. In perspective, the PR company was fairly nice and professional, especially compared to others I have been in contact with.

  8. Ooohh, I see :D I always get worked up so quickly. And ever since your Nubar PR-guy post and what I've read on the web about the Zoya PR-people I am deeply convinced that nail polish PR executives are all evil :D

  9. Temptation has the perfect name, because now I'm tempted!!!!

  10. Chip-tastic, 3 coats and it's a higher price. I'm a bit disappointed in these 2 DS colors :(

    I'll give them a try first, before I REALLY decide.

    Thanks for the post.

  11. Hate when these are gritty. That alone will keep me from buying a shade. Nothing all that new to love about these 2 shades - and with other great sparkle formulas out there like in Zoya & Nfu-Oh and others - the DS line looks often dusty to me vs. sparkly.

  12. the ds temptation is really tempting!!

  13. Hmm pretty underwhelmed by these to be honest. Don't see how they can warrant the higher DS price tag with something that looks pretty unspectacular

  14. It's strange to me seeing people complain about DS price, because in Italy prices for american brands are crazy. China Glaze and Zoya costs 13,50 euros ($20 more or less), so the price for DS series is still VERY cheap to my eyes. $12,50 is the price for few italian brands very popular here I won't ever buy, because they aren't b3f and no cruelty free... Rubbish for me!
    I'm pretty envious about american polish addicted! ;D

  15. I found mine for $5.50 USD so I can't complain :)

  16. I wore Temptation yesterday for the first time (after finally getting over how mad I was that it wasn't holo), and I adored the color, the glitter, and I could even get over how gritty it was, until it chipped. In the first 24 hours. Ugh.


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