Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red hot and classic

Here's a great example of a post that my camera has screwed up completely! And I had such a lovely red creme to show you. Yes, I'm one of those who just cannot get enough of red cremes. What does that make me? I'll leave it up to you to decide. Anyway, here is another sweet one I got from Carissa recently: Kennebunk-port from OPI's New England collection.

Two coats. And messed up by my camera. It turns this one a bright red! It's not. It's a deeper medium cherry, cool toned red. The second photo has been slightly color corrected to show that.

But my initial plan was to get some use out of one of my Kleancolor glitters, namely Red-Hot. Coating it over a cool red might not have been the most ideal choice, but that's what I did.

Two coats of Red-Hot, but still, the glitter is rather sparse. I had expected a more wham pow sorta effect, because it looks really red-hot and massive in the bottle, but this is what you get. Also, the Kleancolor glitters have a rather thick, jellyish base, so the coats end up a little too thick to be able to dry decently. This shitty manicure was still soft when I left the apartment about half an hour later, and I got a lot of dangs and smudges here and there, which is the the reason why I never took some sunny photos later. Also, the small glitter is of course not black, but the same orange-y color as the larger hex particles. I don't know why my camera does this to some glitter, but it annoys me.

So, from me Red-Hot gets a big thumbs down, while I always, always favour a classic red creme, especially if it contains toluene and applies and dries like a queen! However, I just don't ...get the name. Again, I guess I'm just too Swedish. Kennebunk-port. Is it witty in some way? I haven't got a clue.

Swedish word of the day:
het -adjective hot
Red-Hot isn't.


  1. Love it!
    Looks like little pieces of lava in there!

  2. I, on the other hand, NEED that glitter!

  3. I'm from Maine and Kennebunk Port is one of our coastal towns, housing mostly the rich. AKA the vacation home of the senior President Bush. I assume the port here refers to wine?

    Love you site, btw. : )

  4. Gorgeous red color, but I'm not a fan of the glitter either.

  5. I adore Kennebunk Port. It's been my fav blue red since it came out. I wear it a lot in the late fall esp. It's so amazing alone, I would not mess with glitter on it - other than for a one night need to change it up for something maybe. But you can wear Kennebunk Port to any major event it's so classy looking. It looks like a $40 a bottle polish it's so classy. I have put Nubar 2010 over it and that did OK. But most of the time, it's a stand alone polish to just drink on how amazing it is. I get more compliments on that shade when I wear it than just about any other.

  6. Jag håller med, ett glossigt och fint rött krämlack är adrig fel.
    Vissa KC-glitter är riktigt bra men andra är precis som du beskriver. Jag var övertygad om att t.ex Blue Eyed Girl skulle vara så men den var riktigt bra. En stor överraskning när man betänker hur tjockt lacket är.

  7. Att glittret blir svart beror på kameravinkeln. :) Fast jag tycker nog att det skulle varit coolt om glittret var rött och svart. :)


  8. I love both Kennebunk-Port alone and layered with the red-hot glitter. Very beautiful!

  9. Your post made me lol, because of the shitty manicure. I had that kleancolor shitty layered mani that stank and didn't dry. Some don't dry! Just layer over a quick dry topcoat like seche, that can help it out.

    I want to invite you to enter my giveaway for Milani FX Silver and Gold plus more glittaz!!!

  10. Love this !
    I got blue eyed girl and the purple one, wish I had ordered the red one as well.


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