Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party nails according to Jos and Tanya

A while ago I got this cute photo in my inbox:

This is the hands of Carissa and her daughters. In exchange for the super large package of goodies Cari sent me a while ago, I had sent them a few of my Swedish favourites in return. I had been told in advance that at least one of the girls had a huge thing for blue polish, so along with the rest I had tossed in a bottle of H&M Blue My Mind and Depend 252, as well as a spare bottle of the crazy Lippmann-esque glitter Carnival from NYX Girls. Apparently, these made the girls so giddy they wanted matching manicures for a birthday party, and Cari managed this "swapping appreciation" photo. Being a mom myself, I got the biggest smile on my face as I opened it. [heart]

I thought the girls had managed a super layering combo here, so I wanted to try it out myself! Though I had two crazy Happy Birthday sorta glitters I couldn't decide between, so I ended up using both.

This is two coats of H&M Blue My Mind, one coat of the glassfleck blue Depend 252, one coat of Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic and one coat of the afore mentioned NYX Girls Carnival. My nails look like a clown vomited on them, but it's crazy enough to be cool instead of just hideous.

I took the opportunity to reshoot Blue My Mind alone. It's one of my favourite H&M lacquers ever, perhaps my very favourite. Sadly, it has now been discontinued, so if you see a bottle in the clearance bin, make sure to grab it!

Two coats.

I decided now would be a good time to do a quick and sloppy comparison of the Happy Birthday type of multicolored glitter that several brands have put out since the big hype:

These are the ones I got: Milani Jewel FX in Gems, NYX Girls Carnival, and Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic.

First, let's look at what you get from one coat:

...and three coats, if opacity is what you're aiming for:

Obviously the Milani is the most dense of these, and the Kleancolor, which also has the largest glitters, is the most sparse. The Milani and the NYX Girls seem very similar when it comes to glitter constituton, but from what I can tell the overall color temperature of the NYX Girls is slightly warmer. You may click to enlarge the wheel photos for a detailed view, although the photos are far from perfect.

So, hi Jos and Tanya! for coming up with this crazy happy manicure idea!

Swedish word of the day:
fest -noun party
We should all have one sometime.


  1. Oh no, Blue My Mind mustn't be discontinued, I have to re-stock then, it's my fav nail polish <3 In case it's already gone, do you know if any brands have a dupe for it?

  2. Awwww! :) First pic is soooo sweet! :)

    I have Circus Confetti from Essence (very similar to al of those glitter polishes) on one nail today, it's gorgeus :)

  3. Var kan man köpa nyx och milani nagellack ??

  4. I love the picture. Yuur mani is divine! For some reason my KC afternoon picnic the clear base isn't so clear anymore it's like the glitters melted some. I haven't had this polish very long.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. And thanks for the glitter comparisons! :)

  6. Oh what a happy picture!

    Love the H&M Blue.

    Please come enter my glitter giveaway!!!

    Milani FX Silver, Gold and more!!! It's easy to enter!

  7. Wonderful story in this blog! Thanks for the comparison photos. I hear about each of these glitters often. Since I have HB I don't shop for any of the dupes. Nice to see them side by side. I adore Blue My Mind. Had no idea it was discontinued. That's a shame. It also is one of my all time fav blues ever.

  8. Wow, this is really a great b-day manicure! Love it! :)
    The first photo is adorable!

  9. lol -- LOVE the description of clown vomit, Feline! The girls have worn nothing else but this color combo since July 16th. I am in SOOO much trouble when these polishes run out!! <3 to you! Carissa

  10. i want some clown vomit glitter on my nails!


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