Sunday, January 23, 2011


Here's another polish heavy on the visible nail line - or maybe not so heavy at all, in all it's jellieness. I needed my mandatory green for luck polish when taking a test, and as I am now incredibly bored by winter, I went for some kick ass color. This is Blowfish Green from LA Splash.

Three coats, and still nowhere near opactity. Which is fine by me as long as I have well filed and shaped nails, though I am of course aware of the fact that many of you do not appreciate visible nail lines at all. However, this one really is quite an amount of fun, since there aren't too many bright glitters out there.

Since I usually have a very hard time locating swatches of LA Splash polishes, I made a small wheel of the ones I have, so that you may have a look.

1. Midnigh Rain
2. Golden Seahorse
3. Aquatic
4. Blowfish Green
5. Tropical Storm
6. Sea Lion
7. Kamodo Dragon
8. Golden Moss

And just a few close ups:

Midnight Rain, Golden Seahorse, Aquatic.

Kamodo Dragon and Golden Moss.

A few quick notes: Aquatic is also very sheer and is probably nicest as a layering polish, and Kamodo Dragon has the lumpiness which I hate. Too bad, because it's a nice green leaning gold, with what appears to be teeny tiny prismatic glitter.

I used to have a theory that I tested on Kamodo Dragon - I was wondering if diluting a polish like this one with some clear would make it less lumpy and more deep and buildable. I may now cross of that option. It didn't work. This combination of fine shimmer and glitter just does not work outside a bottle. You know, like some of the Color Club polishes in the Untamed Luxury collection. It makes me sad. So many great ideas wasted with pigments that don't do them justice. Very sad. Sad, indeed.

That being said: LA Splash can be found in a great variety of colors and finishes, online at Cherry Culture.

Swedish word of the day:
stänk -noun splash
Sure is.


  1. Wow! Underbar färg! Jag hatar VNL men med ett neutralt beige under borde jag klara det tycker jag. Så läckert!

  2. midnight rain is nice
    you're right, there aren't that mani L.A Girl swatches on the internet.
    and the green is so rare but still very nice

  3. What a fabulous set of swatches. Great colours. Wish I could get these in the UK.

  4. I love Komodo Dragon...I love that it gives your nails the Lizard skin. ;)
    I also have a lemming for Golden Seahorse...have for a while now. But You're responsible for the Komodo Dragon Lemming!

  5. OMG! Instant multiple lemmings. Midnight Rain is surprisingly awesome and unusual. Thank you so much for these swatches. :)

  6. Oh, these glitters look so fun. I love Golden Moss.

  7. Amazing color. This brand seems to have some pretty unique polishes. Thanks for the swatches!

  8. Ok I see three that I need! :D Blowfish Green is a must for me. :)

  9. Blowfish Green and Midnight Rain are very very nice!

  10. Blowfish Green, Midnight Rain, and Aquatic are gorgeous!

  11. I NEED Blowfish Green in my life!

  12. Men så många fina! Har helt missat dessa. Måste, måste köpa när jag handlar på Cherry Culture nästa gång. Midnight Rain tilltalar mig extra mycket.

  13. I NEED Midnight Rain and Blowfish Green!


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