Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Essie Playa del Platinum

Just a quick and rather sloppy NOTD from a while ago, Essie Playa del Platinum. From time to time, I love me a neutral polish. Especially at work. Ahem.

This one was done on top of my gel nails after I had the soak off Axxium taken off. The creme polish actually evened out most of the bumps and scratches I had in the finish of the gel after the removal process. This is three coats- unfortunately, Essie polishes tend to be a bit on the sheer side, even the cremes.

Swedish word of the night:
skir -adjective sheer
Because of the above statement...


  1. It's quite neutral, but nice at the same time. What is the drying time like on Essie? *curious*

  2. I agree, neutrals are nice now and then. This one's a good one.

  3. Ooo this one was nice! Looks really classy and elegant! <3

  4. Very pretty! I love Essies so much I don't mind putting extra coats!

  5. Emybloom: Reasonable, if I recall correctly. This particular manicure I did very hasty as I was in a hurry, and expected to have smudges as I went through the door, but "only" had a couple of dents in the next hour. Not fast, but not terrible either.


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