Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snowcrystal now

It could be a cry for help. This heat is killing me! I want a snowcrystal now!

However, Snowcrystal is a fairly new but rapidly growing nail care brand native to my homeland Sweden, and now is their line of stylish lacquers. And I have big faith in this brand! I'll now show you why.

Unlike most smaller brands, they still dare to do other than just nudes and sheers. When I look at polishes in person in the beauty stores, I tend to be way more picky than I am when ordering online, which is of course a bit weird but still beside the point: while mainly writing off most brands with only a quick glance, I have been looking closely at the Snowcrystal polishes more than once.

Deep Coral. I don't know what is going on with me, but I'm having some sort of fling with corals. It could be the sun burning too bad. No base or top coats. This is three coats. I'll tell you why later.

Light Taupe. Very appealing mushroom taupe, a shimmery one. Two coats! No base or top coats.

Here's the next one, Green Lagoon, squeezed in between China Glaze For Audrey and OPI Damone Roberts 1968, to give you some sort of idea what the color is like...

Green Lagoon. Three coats. I absolutely love this color. It has just the right amount of retro to it, and just the right amount of color intensity to save it from being another damn turquoise pastel. Full manicure with base and top coats, and three coats. But, can you see how thick it is..?

While I absolutely adore the colors, love the bottle shape and label design, I'm not crazy about the formula of these polishes. The cremes are really hard to manage. They are thick yes, but not from the start... And this is what seems so weird to me. The first coat applies really well, and pigmented enough to make you think this is going to be a two-coater. Then something happens... Whether you're being sloppy and hasty while swatching, or super careful and allow huge time frames for drying because you're doing a full manicure, from the second coat, these turn in to a gluey streaky thickness extravaganza. Green Lagoon was the one I saved for a full manicure, and the photos above were shot after allowing the manicure to fully dry overnight. Still, so thick and streaky.

This makes me sad, because I think we really need a great, not to say awesome, brand over here, that we can be fully proud of and turn to for all needs- because Snowcrystal has a huge range of products -and even though the intentions are all in, the quality is just almost there.

I will keep checking this brand out, hoping they will improve their formula, because I'm not ready to give up on this baby yet. With an improved formula, this may be the brand the poor and overlooked Swedes have been waiting forever for.

You can check out the range of Snowcrystal on their site, and to come at a later date, after thorough testing: a few nail care products from the brand as well!

And while we're at it with all the Swedish stuff again, here are some Hipstamatic shots from yesterday. This is how the surroundings of my hometown look. Placed perfectly beautiful on Lake Mälaren, we have beautiful landscapes where the lake meets the woods and the rocks and the sky... I'm so happy in this scenery.

Father and daughter taking a dip in Lake Mälaren.

And don't you dare say Sweden isn't a beautiful country!

Swedish word of the day:
sjö -noun lake
To fit with the above!


  1. Gorgeous polish and Amazing Photos! Did you take these? They are beautiful!

  2. Lovely polishes - I love discovering new brands, especially with interesting colours

  3. The heat is killing me too. I love the last turquoise polish. And those last photos are just adorable.

  4. Stiletto: Yes, with the lovely iPhone photo app Hipstamatic. It comes with a bunch of filters to make the photos look like they're from the 60's or 70's. :D

    nihrida: I bet Slovenia is even hotter than Sweden. :P We have around 30 Celsius in the shade every day now. Bleh.

  5. Yay long haired dude! Beautiful lake.


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