Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly

I just love polishing other peeps' nails. And when those nails belong to a man, it's extra rewarding. I live in a part of the world where polished up guys are still very unusual, and perceived as gay. You know, not gay gay, but just... slightly gay. Among subcultures where everything that isn't 100 % masculine, such as eating meat, pounding tons of women and drinking beer around the clock, is referred to as gay.

Well, I don't condone such standards, so when I have the chance to do something less stereotypical genderwise, I do it. My significant other is the same way, so every now and then, he's in on the polish fun. But only when he's doing a gig- because he knows it will piss of his bandmates.

Last time I did his nails in ManGlaze's The Death Tar. I was impressed with the wear. Not only did it last relatively well through the guitar shredding, but it also lasted incredibly well as he went back to work the next week. What does he do for a living? He is a bricklayer. A stone mason. He is throwing around bricks all day, building walls... Yes, he is a construction worker. And the ManGlaze polishes last through these kind of activities. Not flawlessly, of course, but compared to other mattes available, it's like night and day!

This time, he got to wear Fuggen Ugly. His only requirement for allowing me to do his nails was that I'd blog about it. And of course I gladly agreed on that.

Purrty huh? I'm sorry, I guess I meant to say "freakin' cool".

Now, what do you suppose an hour of shredding does to this polish?

Apart from a similar damage on the thumb nail, this is it. Really.

If my man wasn't on vacation away from work right now, I would be able to show you how this one lasts through a day of construction work. But instead, if you're as curious as I am, I promise to take another few shots before he'll make me take it all off- and tell you how many days of wear he got out of it. Please let me know in the comments section!

Anyway, I'll have to conclude this post by telling you that the ManGlaze polishes are my favourite mattes. The wear, the finish, the colors, the names, the bottle artwork... And the owner, Marc, is among the nicest polish company "officials" there is. Don't ever say the personalty of a brand doesn't matter!

Swedish word of the day:
byggjobbare -noun construction worker
Because if any, they can put these polishes up to the test!


  1. This was an awesome post. Also a hard working man is sexy as hell. That is so cool that he wears the polish.

  2. I was waiting for a photo with the guitar or a sledgehammer, but no? The latter would irk a lot of people but be pretty darn cool.

  3. This is rad! Great post.

  4. I just passed on my bottle of Fuggen Ugly to a very manly guy who just happens to love to pamper himself with pedicures. Guys freaking love this color!

  5. He has nice hands...must be a guitar player thing, Chris has nice hands too.
    I Fuggen Ugly and it's Chris' fav too.

  6. I think Fuggen Uggly is a totally man color, it matches perfectly! Looks great!

    My boyfriend used to wear black and blood red polish back in the gothic-vampire days...bah I miss those days...

  7. Polish on men IS gay. Unless they're performing on stage.

  8. L: Oh yeah, the working men are the ones I prefer. ;) Although I believe I wouldn't be able to resist a chef.

    schmut: I'm with you all the way. But the guitar is there! Sure, only a tiny part of the neck, but still. ;) I'll work on the sledgehammer photo. Will a murarslev do? xD

    April: It doesn't get more metal than this!

    Evil Angel: Yeah, must be hard to play the guitar with those fat sausage fingers some are sporting. ;D

    Sarah B.: I believe my man wouldn't be caught dead in red nail polish- I suggested it, he looked at me like I'm a retard. xD

    Marina: I'll have to disagree with you, but diversity is a wonderful thing! ;)

  9. Goatberon. Aubezodomizer. 8) My nails rule! ;)


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