Friday, June 18, 2010

Knight's Armor

Presenting to you: my crazy knight's crazy shiny armor. I was afraid of this one, the possibility of it looking tremendously horrific was gigantic, but it turned out to be pretty cool. Look.

Nubar Knight's Armor. That is what it looks like. But you already knew that by now, didn't you?! Before this one came out, I thought that maybe, maybe it would find its way into the hearts of girls, but the commotion never happened. I'm thinking, maybe this piece of garment just isn't very versatile these days. I mean... So... ...heavy. Even the heavy metal chicks might have found it too heavy?

The idea is perfect. By using square glitter particles, it should have been harsh and blunt enough to really do remind us of armors. But the glitter is a bit troublesome in that it just isn't very easy to distribute evenly all over the nail. I'm thinking maybe that's part of the idea too, because it made my personal nail plate armor look all ragged and like it has been... ...out to war. Umm.

Enough with the weirdness. This polish is cool. It is. I promise. If you look too close, you may find it pukey looking, though, and I find that it benefits the most from a slight distance.

I'm taking it off in a few minutes. Going to asswiping work tomorrow. I'm in fear. This removal will be... War.

Real kick ass armor, used to belong to the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf, and originally worn as part of the festivities surrounding his wedding with Maria Eleonora in 1620. This is as close as I'll be getting the royal wedding that takes place in Stockholm tomorrow...

Swedish word of the evening:
republikan -noun a person supporting republicanism
Because I'm like that.


  1. I really like it! I think that the effect is worth the difficulty in applying the color. I really like the name too! Very appropriate!

  2. I like this a lot. It's so unique! I have a couple of blacks with silver glitter since before, but none with this chunky type of glitter. Love it!

  3. Who's getting married if I may ask? Gorgeous polish btw XD

  4. I like this! It only looks a pain to take off haha

  5. Use foil! I love this one, it is pretty damn cool.

  6. This is a great review. I've got this on my Nubar must *have* list and I'm glad I do. Your review has confirmed its a must have for my collection. :)

  7. Damn, there are all these polishes that hold NO interest for me until I see them on YOUR nails. This. Looks. Awesome....Want.

  8. Gourgeous nails, and great blog!

  9. I think it looks smokin'! =) And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (!!!) the last photo. I'm a sucker for this kind of things. =D

  10. Jag tycker att det här lacket är grymt häftigt, verkligen partykänsla! Och så vedervärdigt var det väl inte att få bort? Jobbigt visst, men glitter i transparent bas tycker jag är mycket värre.

  11. Pippa: The heiress of the throne, got married to a man of the people. Big thing here in Sweden. Painfully big... :D

    Rebecca: I no longer use actual foil, I have found it works just as well just soaking in remover drenched cotton. :)

    Lacquer Ware For Tips And Toes: Always glad to be an enabler. ;D

    TastyShoots: I take that as a compliment, and I hope you won't be disappointed if you decide to purchase anything because of my blog! :D

    Monica Hansen: Thank you! <3

    nihrida: It's because you're a decent European like myself. ;D

    Emma P: Det svåraste var väl inte att få bort det... Utan snarare att det kom glitter tamefan överallt. xD Hade glitter under nagelbanden i flera dagar. Envisa små jewlar de där.

  12. Ja det är sant. Har för mig att jag var extremt glittrig efter den rundan...


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