Monday, June 21, 2010

The most metal manicure..?

Seriously, does it get more metal than this?

I'm starting to wonder what kind of peeps are working at that cosmetic company...

Anyway, I decided to try on one of my recently obtained LA Girl Metal polishes. For some reason I picked Obsidian. With some recent album releases I just... Had to. Because.

First, let's check out a square nihrida style bottle macro crop of Obsidian.

Fullblown sun. It's shimmery.

I honestly believe this is the blackest nail polish I own. Some black polishes are black, others are black. For a shimmer, this one is intensely black. Shown is two coats.

The shimmer I believe is really of a fine, glassfleck sort. It's mostly just plain silver in the shade, but in strong lighting it starts to reflect different colors.

However, this is just a black polish.

Therefore, on the second day of wear, I decided to do some layering. What better to pick than another LA Girl polish? I picked one from the Rock Star collection, Head Banging, one that I would normally have worn a long time ago, if it wasn't because it's so darn sheer I realized it had to be layered. Now was the time to go get it.

Let's take a look at another square bottle macro crop.

If you do some insane coating with this one, like four or five rounds, it looks very much like China Glaze's Watermelon Rind from last summer. When I began to look a little closer, I could tell this one also reflects some different colors in strong light- not just that beautiful tealish green, but also a little gold and blue.

One coat over Obsidian:

And those of you who are wondering what happened to my trademark photos- due to my job, I lost a corner. And I refuse to show you!

And honestly. I didn't really like this combination. Thought I'd show you anyway though. And if you're looking for a really black black shimmer polish, LA Girl Metal Obsidian is the the way to go.

Also, check out my friend krex' recent posts with LA Girl Metal swatches!

Swedish word of the day:
frukt -noun fruit
Because I crave some.


  1. Ha, we just ordered that CD. YAY!
    Oh and we preordered the ne Iron Maiden cuz we are old school like that!

  2. You didn't like this combination?
    Are you quite deranged?
    It's glorious!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love, love head banging layered over it...awesome! I need to place an order NOW!

  4. Both versions are gorgeous!!! LOVE

  5. looks great both ways! love it!

  6. Love Obsidian!

    P.S: Hope you get your 'corner' back soon. ;)

  7. Obsidian var skitsnygg, den måste jag skaffa mig!

    Head Banging kräver tre lager för mig. Jag har i och för sig betydligt kortare naglar än du. Det är förresten min mammas favoritnagellack. Jag älskar den också, hysteriskt. Snyggare än Watermelon Rind tycker jag, men de är verkligen lika. Det såg jag efter att du påpekade det förra gången.

  8. I like this combo !!! But I get it; not everyone is into the "rocker chic" look :)

  9. Ooh Obsidian really lives up to its name.
    I agree with jen though, I love the combo, can't believe you didn't like it!

  10. Du har rätt, vi har typ lika långa naglar nu... Jag har ju flaskan med mig till landet så jag får helt enkelt testa igen. Jag tycker lack kan bete sig helt olika från tillfälle till tillfälle men just Head Banging har jag använt både på fingrar och tår och lackat mammas fingrar och tår med dessutom så det är ett av mina mest välanvända lack. Det kan säkert vara olika från flaska till flaska också. Det verkar alla fall som att färger förändras något från tillfälle tll tillfälle när man köper samma färg typ ett år senare.

  11. I am LOVING the black polish!!!

  12. One of the best polish-blogs on the net!Honestly!!

  13. Gorgeous! I thought you'd love this combo! o_O

  14. I love Head Banging over Obsidian, so misty-like. :)


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