Wednesday, November 26, 2014 heart instagram

Remember when I wrote that "I'll post regular updates" thing a while ago? Yeah it kinda didnt't happen. So guess what?!? I got my nail persona self a spanking new instagram account!

Now, any of you longing for those regular updates, go to your instagram app and follow It will contain circa 95-98 % nail polish related material, in contrast to my private insta account (which is 60 % politics and bullshit, 30 % kitteh, and only about 10 % nail shizzle).

I'll meet you there!

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  1. Meh! Jag hade helt missat att du har en nagelinstagram också! Följer omedelbart! :-)
    Förresten har jag visst inte riktigt kunnat låta bli att ranta lite över 50 Shades of Grey på bloggen. Oops...


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